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Sergey Ermakov
Sergey Ermakov 2019.05.31 11:00 

Открылся сигнал Buy CADJPY 27.05.2019, висит в большом минусе. Нет S/L и T/P. В истории сделок его вообще нет! Это что за чушь??? За месяц оплаченных сигналов - в основном минус

Konstantin Zharitov
Konstantin Zharitov 2019.05.31 07:39 

I was signed a month on this signal, during which the author only justified why he could not earn money.

The author no longer needs to earn on trading. It is enough to write a few news a day about "bad market conditions" and collect money for a subscriptions.

drayzen 2019.05.25 00:51 

Yasir is exactly what you want in a trader as a Signal Provider. Humble to the markets, but not by them. Honest and open with regular communication and a clearly defined plan so you know what to expect.

A trial of very open two-way communication unfortunately turned sour as some subscribers abused the privilege, though speaks clearly to the intent of the trader.

William Manotas
William Manotas 2019.05.23 05:36 

I am a new subscriber and untill now saw 3 Signal without Stoploss or some without takeprofit , looks like he has good history and realistic vision about forex market and how to get profitable in long time , but for all risk avoiding with no overtrading could get it with lack of stoploss would be perfect if used fixed stoploss and takeprofit in each order, never know when a chrash will happen....

Ahmed Abdelsalam
Ahmed Abdelsalam 2019.05.22 22:53 

It's great signal from my point of view where I want to give my feed back to trading strategy , I thick it's kind of mixed between fundamental and technical where I saw he opened against the trend many times and holding his positions for long time where price going deeper against him , it seem no adjustable stop lose used with that orders , this the only worried things but however he using small lot size this will not give great draw down but in my account where I increase the lot size and it's 10 K account I was pretty not feeling well with some orders , I will cut my subscription for now and hope to find time to trade myself in next month ,,, GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE .

Felipe Poulis
Felipe Poulis 2019.05.19 21:35 

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jsquiggle1 2019.05.10 15:18  (modificado 2019.05.10 15:51) 

I am a US customer, I know that there are zero US based brokers that allow hedging due to US laws, however; I have an account created overseas that allows US customers. I'll let you know what happens, so far it looks good. We're in the green.

Do your thing, I havent been following long - but I'm a believer.

Allen Yeo
Allen Yeo 2019.05.10 11:17   

Yasir, patience is a virtue. i agree to.your "waiting" and not risking strategy as long as u inform us that why u aint trading (as what u did in thw "what's new" tab). for hedging, it is not a prob for most asia and aussie based broker fyi. good luck

Vincent1302 2019.05.08 13:57  (modificado 2019.06.04 00:05) 

2 months of subscription to earn no money this signal cash your monthly payments and you do not win anything!