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Bufai9al 2019.06.03 22:01  (modificado 2019.06.03 22:01) 

Yasir's trading style is one of the safest I found on Mql5. You have a concern? He has nothing to hide, so ask him! He has never neglected nor drifted away from my questions. There is no shame with playing it safe. The whole FOREX world is going crazy, so small profit is way better than huge losses. In summary, Yasir knows what he is doing.

WIL_B 2019.06.01 00:20 

I am sorry, at the beginning I was confident with Yasir. But now with a second month I have some doubt. I do agree with others comments => where is the stop loss . the minimum approach is the equity between SL & TP. It seems that it is not the case. Strange. Let see for the next 10 days

David Huanca
David Huanca 2019.05.31 22:06 

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Aleksej Sałtykow
Aleksej Sałtykow 2019.05.31 19:42 

The signal provider writes so many words about "safety", and "risk avoiding", and bla-bla-bla, but in reality we can see long sad drawdowns with microscopic profit.

Profit/drawdown ratio is terrible. Drawdown from a single trade is greater than the entire monthly profit.

Sergey Ermakov
Sergey Ermakov 2019.05.31 11:00 

Открылся сигнал Buy CADJPY 27.05.2019, висит в большом минусе. Нет S/L и T/P. В истории сделок его вообще нет! Это что за чушь??? За месяц оплаченных сигналов - в основном минус

Konstantinum 2019.05.31 07:39 

I was signed a month on this signal, during which the author only justified why he could not earn money.

The author no longer needs to earn on trading. It is enough to write a few news a day about "bad market conditions" and collect money for a subscriptions.

drayzen 2019.05.25 00:51 

Yasir is exactly what you want in a trader as a Signal Provider. Humble to the markets, but not by them. Honest and open with regular communication and a clearly defined plan so you know what to expect.

A trial of very open two-way communication unfortunately turned sour as some subscribers abused the privilege, though speaks clearly to the intent of the trader.

William Manotas
William Manotas 2019.05.23 05:36 

I am a new subscriber and untill now saw 3 Signal without Stoploss or some without takeprofit , looks like he has good history and realistic vision about forex market and how to get profitable in long time , but for all risk avoiding with no overtrading could get it with lack of stoploss would be perfect if used fixed stoploss and takeprofit in each order, never know when a chrash will happen....

Ahmed Abdelsalam
Ahmed Abdelsalam 2019.05.22 22:53 

It's great signal from my point of view where I want to give my feed back to trading strategy , I thick it's kind of mixed between fundamental and technical where I saw he opened against the trend many times and holding his positions for long time where price going deeper against him , it seem no adjustable stop lose used with that orders , this the only worried things but however he using small lot size this will not give great draw down but in my account where I increase the lot size and it's 10 K account I was pretty not feeling well with some orders , I will cut my subscription for now and hope to find time to trade myself in next month ,,, GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE .

Felipe Poulis
Felipe Poulis 2019.05.19 21:35 

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