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Tuaaut 2019.06.11 16:04 

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Aydin 2019.05.22 20:30  (modificado 2019.05.29 10:47) 

My account was about to blow yesterday. It was due to GBPUSD and I had to close a few losing trades in order to get enough margin to continue. Like people here are saying, you will be in trouble if you stock in the opposite trend. I just don't understand why the EA close quickly when it's on the winning trend! Anyway, yesterday's UK's PM saved the day and I end up closing profitably.

Almaz Garipov
Almaz Garipov 2019.05.21 10:22  (modificado 2019.05.21 20:11) 

у меня ни одна сделка не закрылась, как так? Почему сигналы на закрытие сделок не скопировались? Что делать? Кому обратиться? Что за беспредел?

Jeremiah Hewitt
Jeremiah Hewitt 2019.05.14 18:56  (modificado 2019.05.20 23:24) 

5/20/19 --- Big drawdown today. I am almost out. Risk is getting too high and frequent. This signal is about to bust I feel

5/14/19 --- Yesterday I was worried, but the system did it's job. You just need to stay confident in this system and set your own hard stop above his historical draw down, just in case. I will get out though when it gets to 100 subscribers, because that is when the big fish start to come after these signals.

5/1/19 --- Another bank holiday. Why are you trading on bank holidays. I am out, of course, but now there is another draw down that you don't need. EUR trade came back and it look good but I'm still kind of freaked out by the strategy I guess you have to trust it

4/24/19 --- I see how you recover with those multiple positions going down. It is only a problem if the pair keeps moving in the wrong way. Seems risky...

4/23/19 --- Bank holidays suck. I am glad I closed out the trades. Going for a big draw down now.

4/22/19 --- Almost one month and going well. I just closed theses loser trades that are open, because it is a bank holiday. I don't like trading bank holidays, nothing good ever happens

4395661 2019.05.14 00:57 

Demorou...mas parece que fez m.

daoyioktm 2019.05.03 15:58 

This is a great signal, i subscriped it for 2 weeks and got 7% profit now.