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Samuraq 2020.02.11 20:16 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário sobre a classificação

CHIRINGOS 2020.02.04 14:59  (modificado 2020.02.08 10:45) 

No trade??

I see that many people is wondering if the signal provider is sleeping


Update after 1 week:

The guy providing this signal works few hours (2/3) a day (roughly 7 to 10 pm, central Europe time), Monday to Thursday. 2 to 4 signals issued (almost) every day he works. Most signals are winning, but with very very poor profits, due to low lot sizes and very short differences between close and start prices. At the end of the first period of experience with this provider, I confirm the 1-star rating and do not suggest other people to subscribe this signal. With an account of 350 €, at the end of the month I'm sure I will not recover the cost of the subscription + the cost of VPS

Juan Vargas
Juan Vargas 2020.02.04 04:44 

Anvar Gadadov, you are doing a great job! We just need to be patient. Best regards...

Beijing Wangshunda Technology Co. Ltd.,
Xiaoyu Du 2020.01.30 00:46   


This signal is the same as my taste, I like it.

Morgan Pettersson
Morgan Pettersson 2020.01.28 13:40  (modificado 2020.02.03 18:21) 

Not much happening here. Few trades and small profits .

We have the same broker, still the profits are bad. GBPAUD traders profit $10.3, my profit $3.21. I don't know how I'm suppose to earn back the signal cost with these conditions..

I'm out..

JunCheng Li
JunCheng Li 2020.01.28 01:21   

Is this signal sleeping?

Trading para todos
Trading para todos 2020.01.25 15:51 

Casi no opero en el tiempo de mi suscripcion!

zxcv55602 2020.01.24 13:09 


lzhiq123 2020.01.24 05:03  (modificado 2020.02.05 10:47)   


Alex 2020.01.15 10:08  (modificado 2020.01.16 18:58) 

Отличный сигнал. Все SL/TP на месте.

Единственная важная деталь - необходимо чтобы счёт-получатель сигнала был в не-европейской часовой зоне, или чтобы он был без-сваповый (islamic account).

Те, у кого счёт в IC Markets - попадают в тупик:

Вариант с другой часовой зоной - не вариант, IC Markets жёстко привязан к GMT+2 (https://www.icmarkets.com/sc/en/trading-pricing/trading-hours)

Вариант с islamic account - не совсем вариант, поскольку там нужно доказывать что веришь по-настоящему, и ходишь на все обряды, например, справкой из ближайшей мечети.