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This multi-currency scalper is based on the strategy of price channel border breakout. We offer small amount of settings (some of main settings are magic, minmarge, risk, maxtrades), build-in deposit manager, everyday messages to your Android-based device informing you about the EA's performance within a trading session, user-friendly interface tracking current positions and providing financial information; trading is performed with pending orders, expiration is fixed.


  • magic - EA's trade number for the given terminal.
  • exitmode - mode of closing opened deals and exiting the market.
  • lots - initial lot.
  • lotsoptimised - automated lot increase in the process of trading according to the deposit (TRUE/FALSE).
  • risk - percent of the deposit employed when lot is increasing (0.1-1.0).
  • minmarge - percent of the remaining margin. When this percentage is reached the EA switches to Exitmode which is the mode of closing deals and exiting the market applied to secure the deposit.
  • maxtrades - maximum number of deals for trading.
  • tradesperbar - number of deals on one bar of the chart.
  • hidestop and hidetarget - modes of closing deals when buystop/sellstop or buytarget/selltarget are reached correspondingly.
  • period - timeframe period of the trend sensor.
  • The EA's time periods are set on a case-by-case basis.

Note: Test the EA before using it on a real account in order to find the best settings and improve the EA's performance.

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Versão 1.1 2015.04.01
-Improved EA choice when conducting deals.
-Added error processing algorithm during EA start.