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Critical Regions Explorer displays two fixed regions daily. These regions are powerful regions where price are likely change direction. It can be best used with all timeframes less than or equal to Daily timeframes and can be used to trade any instruments. Graphical Features Critical regions display. No repainting. General Features Automated terminal configuration. Accessible buffers for EA requests. How to Trade At the start of the day, do these four things: Identify upper critical region
Must read : THIS EXPERT ADVISOR ONLY OPEN TRADE WITH WELL DEFINED, TESTED AND ROBUST ALGORITHM. From the result of 18 years backtest shown on the screenshot, make sure you calculate or check: Total trade; Monthly trade expected; Consecutive gain; Consecutive loss; Net profit; Monthly net profit. While observing the performance of the EA, its update will be carried out from time to time. Thus is a fully automated expert advisor that scalp when there is relatively large price movement in m
This is an indicator that shows the value of Stochastic of different timeframe on a single chart window. It also shows the average stochastic value of all the values of  Stochastic (MN1, W1, 1D, 4H, 1H, 30M, 15M and 5M) shown. It can be used to know the oversold and overbought of any instrument. who can use it? All types of traders. Be it- Scalper Swing traders News traders Long term traders Input Parameters %K period - Value of %K period of stochastic used; %D period - Value of %D period of s
Advance Swing Trader!  An automated trading software designed to trade swing strategies. It is well programmed expert, thereby cable of analysing all type of swings. This trading system observe and study the pattern of historical price swing to open trade either at swing high or swing low. Drawdown is maintain at minimal level with the use of built in trailing algorithm by the expert advisor. The built in trailing system is used to lock in profit! EA Setup Symbol: EURUSD , default set is for EUR
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An automated, versatile trading advisor for trading any instrument or currency pair. Forward testing of the advisor is available. Click here Click here to download other advance expert advisor Advantages The expert trading algorithm  has been tested for 23 years!  It passed testing on EURUSD from 2001 - 2024 The advisor uses an intelligent system for closing unprofitable orders. Easy to use and the parameters for optimization are provided in the input Requirements: Trading pair: EURUSD. It can