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VPS Monitor

VPS-Monitor monitors and sends information on Trade Transaction, State of Activeness, and Connection Status of the MT4 Trade Platform on VPS or computer. It updates about the events on the MT4 Platform while the Trader is away from the computer, especially when the VPS is rebooted or network failure without your foreknowledge or consent

From its features, one can select the desired feature(s) to be sent by the indicator as follows;

  • Activeness Message; ACCOUNT XXXXXXX IS ON AND ACTIVE. This message can be typed the way one wants it
  • ActivenessPeriodicHour; 6 It sends the Activeness Message above every 6 hours. It is Periodic. If the ActivenessPeriodicHour is set to 12, then it sends the Activeness Message every 12 hours indicating the platform is on or ACTIVE
  • Send TradeTransaction; This is sent instantly; Buy, Sell and Modify Actions are sent immediately
  • Connection Status Message; NO INTERNET CONNECTION This message can be typed in too and it is also sent instantly.

Note that, you need to set up MetaTrader4 for Email or Push Notification.

For Email Notifications; Go to Tools, Options and then Email. Here, you will need IMAP/SMTP mail services from webmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail Plus, Hushmail, GMX mail, Fastmail.com, Mail.com, etc.

For Push Notifications, Go to Tools, Options and then Notifications. Here, you need to obtain MetaQuotes ID into your Smartphone in this case.

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