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True Trend

The indicator shows the current price movement and is, in fact, a full-fledged trading system.

It works with brokers with 4 and 5-digit quotes. The signal appears at the beginning of a new (zero) candle.

When the signal arrives, it does not "blink", disappear or redraw. Long straight sections are considered to be flat. After the flat, we anticipate a possible movement. The indicator lines can be used as Stop Loss. The indicator can work in the strategy tester.


  • Counts Bars - amount of calculated bars (0 = all bars)
  • Period - the period of calculation (slightly alters sensitivity)
  • Multiplier - multiplier (significantly alters sensitivity)

For convenience and in order to distinguish it from other indicators on your chart, it has the following settings:

  • View indicator - display indicator lines or dots
  • View signal arrow - choose the type of signal arrows
  • Arrow to the line - the location of the signal arrows above/below the indicator lines

Warning system settings about a changing trend:

  • Choice of language warnings - warning language selection (English/Russian)
  • Warning to mobile - send an alert to a mobile or tablet (yes/no)
  • Warning by email - send a warning to the email (yes/no)
  • Audible warning - play sound signal (yes/no) (the standard "alert.wav" is played five times)
  • A warning dialog box - displays a dialog box with a warning (yes/no)

To send messages to mobile phone and email, you must configure the appropriate settings in the terminal:

  • Tools -> Options -> tab "Notification" and "Email"
Warning: it is no secret that the market is volatile and difficult to predict, so the author does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, any profit now or in the future. This indicator is a tool which, combined with discipline and proper money management, will help you in your daily work in the Forex market.
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