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Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk


Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk.: Version 8.01 For Dax40(De40)(Ger40)

The Dax30 EA MT5 HK is a product for traders who are interested in trading in DE40(DAX40) index of CDF. The Dax30 EA MT5 HK is likely an automated trading system that uses technical analysis and algorithms to trade the DAX40 index. By automating the trading process, the product aims to eliminate emotional and psychological biases from the decision-making process, potentially leading to more consistent and stable with low risk. The Dax30 Ea operates based on the highly reliable Daily Technical starting trend analysis. To minimized potential draw-down, Ea is set to opening only one daily position. The Ea has been optimized for multiple Index CDF and future offering versatility in its trading approach. Unlike traditional trading methods, Ea dose not use any stop loss. Ea relies on a combination of established market indicators and volume trends to determine the market trend and execute trades. Utilizing a novel strategy of buying and selling at market price on fixed daily time range on new bar open, the Ea operates with a high level of precision.

All Details of Ea.  For limited time offer: If you buy Dax30 Ea you will get one more Ea as free Gift.

For testing Ea on DE40 symbol you not required any set file, run EA on Auto lot mode with minimum Balance of $400 where lot size step = 0.10 per 300 balance. EA's old version set file might be not work properly, so use latest set file to works with new version v.8.01 of the EA. 
Working Symbols are: DE40, DAX40, GER40.
Settings may be different for Broker-Wise trading condition like minimum lot size and Maximum lot size. For first time testing of the use default settings with minimum 400$ balance on H-1 time chart.      
Ea settings come default For DE40 Index. Required minimum Account balance 300 for lot step start from 0.10. Fot Auto lot calculation use minimum 300 balance for 0.10 lot size in Ea input. Suitable brokers are IC Market and Tick Mill or any Low spread broker, For latest set file please check in comment area or send me message.

Recommended timeframe: H1,  Minimum Balance: 300 USD, Suitable Risk Balance Step = 500 for lot size = 0.10.


  • Ready to use on DE40 index on H-1 time chart. No set file required for DE40(Dax40) index.
  • Very easy to use: just read below instructions. Ready to works with default settings.
  • Much cheaper than other available in the market.

How to install

  • The EA must be attached to DE40(Dax40)(Ger40) one H1 chart is recommended
  • Set Lot Size Fix = 0.10, If Fix lot = 0 that means Auto lot calculation on Balance Step of 300 for 0.10.  Risk Level specification:  High Risk = 300, Medium Risk = 400 and Low = 500 Balance Step for Minimum lot size 0.10
  • Use recommended index only. You don't need any set files, all settings are stored internally in EA. Request to change lot calculation on Auto for good result and risk management. Use medium risk = 400 Balance Step for stable result with low DD. Add minimum 500 balance in account with lot balance step of 400.
  • set Virtual Take Profits points = 23(Virtual profits = 23 usd per 1 lot)
  • Set Ea Start Time and Stop Time = Default 10 to 13. Ea don't open trades after 13.
  • Select Friday for working true or false. As per default setting Friday trading is allowed. 
  • Set Instant Recovery Distance in price and lot multiplier in percentage of first trade(Ea. 100 = x1, 300 = 3x of first trade.) New option is added in the Ea.
  • Ser Regular Recovery Distance in price and lot multiplier in percentage as above.(Default settings is best, not need to change any thing.  


  • The EA is NOT sensitive to spread and slippage. But I advise using a Good ECN broker or Low Spread broker.
  • The EA should run on a VPS continuously but don't open trades every day. You have to wait for correct signal in EA for trading.
  • I advise  to use minimum 1:200 leverage to work with low risk settings with fixed lot size 0.10. Use Minimum 1000 USD balance to work smoothly on Auto Lot on Balance step of 400 without any High DD. Minimum DD will be 20% to 35%.

Lot Size settings

  • Lot-sizing Method = Fixed Lot or Auto Lot on Balance Step of 400 for 0.10 lot. 
  • Lot multiplier percentage after open First Trade. 
  • Allow Recovery to opening of recovery orders if first open trade profits is below 0 and floating PnL is in loss.
  • Maximum Lot - max allowed trading lot = 10 for account account up 5000. For testing EA on 100000 balance account change limit to 100 from 10. 
  • Maximum Spread = 0; Ignore spread limit other wise EA don't open trade in High Volatile market condition.
  • Maximum Slippage - maximal slippage limit = 100
  • Ea don't allow opening multi-directional trades on the same symbol
  • Allow to Buy = True, Sell = True, Buy-Recovery = true, Sell-Recovery = true, Buy Recovery instant = true and Sell Recovery Instant = true.(Instant Recovery order is work only one time if only 1 position is open. After that Ea works on Regular recovery mode.

Recovery Trades Settings

  • Instant Recovery Trade at Distance in Price of 300 from first open trade trade price and Set  Minimum = 0 price Distance for regular recovery option. Ea don't working as regular grid EA. Ea have set only 1 recovery order per dat at fixed time of day at 10 when market start. 
  • Max Open Trades limit 100.
  • Maximum lot size limit is 10 for first trade on any balance account size. You need to change Max Lot Size limit only when you using 40k to 50k Balance for testing EA.
  • Maximum total all open trade size limit is 100 default set in the Ea. When Ea reach at Auto lot size 100+ you have to set it as Maximum limit allowed by broker. 
        Contact me any time for any confution on testing or Installation of the Ea.
Comentários 2
steler21 2023.05.29 11:12 

Hello, Ea is working very nicely. I just added in Real account. I will update my result you later after one week.

Hamad Albaghli
Hamad Albaghli 2023.01.31 18:31 

Excellent support by the author , worked very fine in backtest and forward test,you can check live monitoring at his signal.

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EA has a live track record with 48 month of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Perceptrader AI is a cutting-edge grid trading system that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, utilizing Deep Learning algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to analyze large amounts of market data at high speed and detect high-potential trading opportunities to exploit. Supported currency pairs: NZDUSD, USDCAD, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPCHF Timefra
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Sun é um escalper agressivo de múltiplos ciclos projetado para EURUSD M1 . Cada ciclo é independente. Ele usa uma seqüência de ordens e tem seu próprio TP e SL. Ele usa um sistema de martingale. Este EA está usando fortes recorrências do passado para tomar posição e alcançar uma alta taxa de sucesso. É muito importante ler o post do blog antes de começar. O depósito mínimo é de US$ 100 para uma alavancagem de 1:500. Um sistema de autolote está incluído.  Eu recomendo usar uma conta ECN 1:500
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Marzena Maria Szmit
5 (16)
The XC Pips EA MT5 is an advanced automated trading system meticulously designed for the specific dynamics of the   GBP/USD   currency pair. Utilizing advanced technical analysis, the robot assesses historical and real-time data to   identify potential trends , key support and resistance levels, and other relevant market signals specific to GBP/USD. XC Pips EA opens 5 positions   every day,  from Monday to Friday, and   all positions are secured   with Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, we i
899 USD
Neuron Net GOLD
4.69 (13)
Neuron Net GOLD is an integration of the Python programming language, deep learning machine and mql5 code to be able to predict XAUUSD price movements so as to produce entries and exits based on artificial intelligence. How it works: At the start of the day, Neuron Net Gold will carry out analysis based on historical data and predict gold price movements.  If the price prediction is up, Neuron Net Gold will take a long position, and vice versa.  Neuron Net Gold will close the position automat
1 050 USD
Big Forex Players MT5
Marzena Maria Szmit
4.78 (36)
We proudly present our cutting-edge robot, the Big Forex Players EA designed to maximize your trading potential, minimize emotional trading, and make smarter decisions powered by cutting-edge technology. The whole system in this EA took us many months to build, and then we spent a lot of time testing it. This unique EA includes three distinct strategies that can be used independently or in together. The robot receives the positions of the biggest Banks , positions generated by three indicators,
1 599 USD
The Investment Innovator EA
Sergey Simakov
3.92 (50)
Making decisions about where to put your money can be a daunting task for an investor. But with The Investment Innovator, you can take control and make informed choices. My system is designed to provide you with, up-to-date information by analyzing vast amounts of market data in real time. Using sophisticated algorithms, I identify patterns and trends, giving you personalized recommendations that match your unique investment preferences. My goal is to help you stay ahead of the curve and capita
999 USD
The Legend EA MT5
Sergey Simakov
4 (7)
I am pleased to introduce my latest development - a revolutionary achievement in the field of automated trading. The Legend Expert combines the capabilities of the "Investment Innovator" Expert with the unique features of nuclear matrix norm (NNM) and QML. Unlike its predecessor, The Investment Innovator Expert, this new system delivers more accurate results and significantly enhances performance.The core concept of Nuclear Norm Maximization Method (NNM) lies in improving precision in novelty e
999 USD
Vyacheslav Izvarin
5 (1)
ADAM EA Special Version for FTMO Our 1st EA created using ChatGPT technology Trade only GOOD and checked PROP FIRMS  Default parameters for Challenge $100,000 Tested on EURUSD and GBPUSD only  Use 15MIN Time Frame Close all deals and Auto-trading  before Weekend at 12:00 GMT+3  Friday For Prop Firms MUST use special Protector  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/94362 Signal using ADAM  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2190554 -----------------------------------------------------------------
2 500 USD
Waka Waka EA MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.31 (36)
EA has a live track record with 4.5 years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make p
2 600 USD
News Catcher Pro MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
5 (15)
News Catcher Pro is a mean-reversion strategy that uses intraday seasonal volatility patterns caused by high-impact news events. It enters the market at a certain time shortly before a high-impact news event occurs . It does not trade frequently! Supported currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP Recommended timeframe: M5 MT4 version can be found here EA is   FIFO compatible To backtest the EA you should download the news events data file ' NewsEvents.txt ' and copy it to the common MT4/5 dir
2 600 USD
Bonnitta EA MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
3.11 (18)
Bonnitta EA é baseado na estratégia de posição pendente (PPS) e um algoritmo de negociação secreta muito avançado. A estratégia da Bonnitta EA é uma combinação de um indicador personalizado secreto, linhas de tendência, níveis de suporte e resistência (ação de preço) e o algoritmo de negociação secreta mais importante mencionado acima. NÃO COMPRE UM EA SEM QUALQUER TESTE COM DINHEIRO REAL DE MAIS DE 3 MESES, DEMOREI MAIS DE 100 SEMANAS (MAIS DE 2 ANOS) PARA TESTAR BONNITTA EA COM DINHEIRO REA
5 500 USD
Darwin Evolution MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.61 (57)
Evolução Darwin. -30% Promoção !! 1490 USD para 990 USD Tempo Limitado (Oferta válido até a chegada da próxima atualização, não perca tempo) !!! Você não pode fazer o backtest deste EA, ele abrirá pedidos sem qualquer lógica! Descrições: - Para entender a operação, venha ler o blog (este EA reflete minha filosofia de negociação forex ... se você gosta do meu caminho para ver as coisas, então você vai gostar do meu EA. Aproveite o tempo para fazer isso !! (Forex não é uma corrida):
999 USD
Juan Perez Pereira
4.5 (4)
ORACULUM - O Consultor Especialista Revolucionário para o Par XAUUSD Negociação Automatizada Inteligente e Segura Bem-vindos à apresentação do ORACULUM, seu próximo aliado indispensável no mundo da negociação automática. ORACULUM não é apenas um Consultor Especialista; é a culminação de inovações avançadas e estratégias de negociação eficazes, especialmente projetadas para o par de moedas XAUUSD (Ouro). Estratégia Dupla de Última Geração: ORACULUM destaca-se pelo seu enfoque híbrido, fundindo
999 USD
Trader Station MT5
Gennady Sergienko
5 (1)
Trader Station: A wave expert using bitwise analysis of an array of price data, confirmed performance by a real account since 2019; SIGNAL -  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1667614 Back Testing the Expert: By default, the settings that are included in the SET 1; Only for   EURUSD M5 ; Settings LOT - set the required lot size or select AUTO RISK; RISK AUTO - quick risk selection or select manual risk entry; custom value RISK - entering a custom risk value; Expert ID - enter the Expe
1 800 USD
Simone Peruggio
5 (4)
Rosaline is an EA that operates with a refinement of a simple strategy based on RSI + bollinger bands + ATR mainly on Gold, EU and OJ. The EA is designed with manually settable 'equity protect' that goes to protect capital from drawdowns. What does this mean?  If you are thinking of using it to pass a challenge you can do so because thanks to this 'feature' you are covered by the classic daily DD rule. Example: on a 100k account you can set a hedge at -4%. If EA reaches that floating loss
2 200 USD
Microlab Exp
Andriy Sydoruk
Microlab Exp is a trending analytical bot. An expert system based on geometric virtual pattern algorithms specially designed for time series. For this version of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download any indicators or additional products, the bot is an independent finished product. Microlab Exp is a tool for trading in the foreign exchange market. The minimum recommendation is $1000. While the recommended minimum deposit is between $1,000 and $10,000 for one currency pa
1 299 USD
Mais do autor
Description: Index Trend with Signal:   is the Best working on DE40, USTEC, US30, US500 index on H-1 time chart with default settings. You don't need to change any settings. Easy to install and ready to start working. First of all this Index Trend with Signal Indicator is Non-Repainting, Non-Redrawing Indicator, which is best tool for Index Traders.  For limited time only 50% OFF,  Now 51$ only. 10 purchases left & the price increases to 30$ and final price will be 300$ Contact me right after t
51 USD
Kaka Kaki Ea Mt4
Pankaj Kapadia
5 (1)
Kaka Kaki Ea Mt4: Introducing Kaka Kaki EA for MT4 , the cutting-edge solution in low-risk automated trading. Unlike conventional systems that tailor strategies to historical data, Kaka Kaki EA is meticulously crafted to operate on low-risk settings. This distinguishes it from the commonplace "take and throw" systems reliant on simple grids for survival. This EA offers a unique approach, prioritizing risk management and ensuring a sophisticated trading experience. Operating exclusively on a fixe
349 USD
Future of the Enjoy Dax40 Scalper: Unlock the potential of your trading journey with the Enjoy Dax40 Scalper EA, meticulously crafted for scalping strategies across higher time frame trends. This powerful EA excels in navigating the intricacies of the Dax40 (De40) or Ger40 indices, extending its proficiency to the UsTec (Nasdaq100) and US30 (DJ IND) markets. Boasting a strategic blend of our proprietary custom trend indicator and other short-term and long MT5 standard trend indicators, this EA o
37 USD
The Ai Index UsTec De40 ea is the most effective trading strategy for the USTEC. The USTEC(US100, NASDAQ100) index is the only indices for which the EA was designed to works. Suitable for dealers and traders of all skill levels. Ea's base strategy on higher sharpe ratio.   The AI Index UsTec De40 es has been testing on tick data based on Real Tick for the last three years with positive results. Working with extremely low risk and strict money management. After extensive research by an in-built
37 USD
Kaka Kaki Ea Hedge Mt4: **Introducing Kaka Kaki Full Hedge MT4:** Bringing to you Kaka Kaki Full Hedge MT4 – the epitome of innovation in low-risk automated Hedge trading strategy. With comprehensive parameter controls for Risk and Take Profits, this EA reigns supreme as the ultimate solution for Hedging on the same pair. **Requirements:** - MT4 Hedge Account to execute trades on both sides. - Given the EA's sensitivity to spread and slippage, it's recommended to use a reputable ECN bro
37 USD
Future of Ea: This ea using extreme trend indicator for open trades. We added advance trend filter in ea better quality result. Ea don't use any fixed distance grid but open next trade at new buy or sell signal received. Ea works on both side trading at the same time.    Use of Ea: Use ea On Eur-Usd Pair for good result Download ea and attached to H-1 time chart on EURUSD symbol. You have to optimized Ea for better results if Needed. This ea is open Both types of orders: Buy and Sell, Just Lik
45 USD
Kaka Kaki EurUsd Pro Scalp: Introducing   Kaka Kaki EurUsd Pro Scalp , the cutting-edge solution in low-risk automated trading. Unlike conventional systems that tailor strategies to historical data, Kaka Kaki EurUsd Pro Scalp is meticulously crafted to operate on low-risk settings. This distinguishes it from the commonplace "take and throw" systems reliant on simple lot size with grids optional for survival. This EA offers a unique approach, prioritizing risk management and ensuring a sophistica
37 USD
Kaka Kaki Ea Mt5: Introducing   Kaka Kaki EA for MT5 , the cutting-edge solution in low-risk automated trading. Unlike conventional systems that tailor strategies to historical data, Kaka Kaki EA is meticulously crafted to operate on low-risk settings. This distinguishes it from the commonplace "take and throw" systems reliant on simple grids for survival. This EA offers a unique approach, prioritizing risk management and ensuring a sophisticated trading experience. Operating exclusively on a A
119 USD
Kaka Kaki Scalping M30: Introducing  ,  the cutting-edge solution in low-risk automated trading. Unlike conventional systems that tailor strategies to historical data, Kaka Kaki Scalping is meticulously crafted to operate on low-risk settings. This distinguishes it from the commonplace "take and throw" systems reliant on simple grids for survival. This MT5 version is customized version of Original Kaka Kaki Ea mt4, so if you looking Extra futures in the EA you suggested to choose MT4 version. K
37 USD
steler21 2023.05.29 11:12 

Hello, Ea is working very nicely. I just added in Real account. I will update my result you later after one week.

Pankaj Kapadia
Resposta do desenvolvedor Pankaj Kapadia 2024.02.03 02:02
You're welcome! If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can help you with, feel free to ask. Happy trading!
Hamad Albaghli
Hamad Albaghli 2023.01.31 18:31 

Excellent support by the author , worked very fine in backtest and forward test,you can check live monitoring at his signal.

Pankaj Kapadia
Resposta do desenvolvedor Pankaj Kapadia 2024.02.03 02:03
Thank you Mr. Hamad Albaghli for your valuable positive feedback on Dax30 Ea. If you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can help you with, feel free to ask. Happy trading!
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Versão 8.1 2024.02.21
Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk v.8.00
Strategy optimized from Jan-2021 to Feb-2024.
Add Instant recovery for Buy Orders option if market fall more then 300 points in one day after buy order open.
Best working time chart is H-1, Best working time: 10 to 13.
Best working symbol is DE40(Dax40) (Ger40 Index) CDF or Future.
Minimum Balance Require is $300 to start work with minimum lot step 0.10.
For Tick mill broker use Lot multiplier x10 instead of 1, Because Tick Mill offer minimum lot step = 0.01. You run Ea on Tick Mill Broker with Minimum Balance of $100 with Fixed lot size 0.02.
Ea comes with default settings to works with Tick Mill Broker on H-1 time chart.
For working Auto Lot you have just change 0 input in Fix lot input. To test ea use minimum $300 Balance with Auto Lot on Balance Step 300.
Remain all fields are same and not required any changes. Contact me privately if interested in Dax30 Ea Mt5.

Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk v.8.01
Fixed Ea comment input option and added Friday Trading option with Friday closing at Fixed time option.
As per Ea settings Ea allowed friday also in trading day.
Versão 8.0 2024.02.19
Strategy optimized from Jan-2022 to Jan-2024.
Add Instant recovery for Buy Orders option if market fall more then 300 points in one day after buy order open.
Best working time chart is H-1, Best working time: 10 to 13.
Best working symbol is DE40(Dax40) (Ger40 Index) CDF or Future.
Minimum Balance Require is $300 to start work with minimum lot step 0.10.
For Tick mill broker use Lot multiplier x10 instead of 1, Because Tick Mill offer minimum lot step = 0.01. You run Ea on Tick Mill Broker with Minimum Balance of $100 with Fixed lot size 0.02.
Ea comes with default settings to works with Tick Mill Broker on H-1 time chart.
For working Auto Lot you have just change 0 input in Fix lot input. To test ea use minimum $300 Balance with Auto Lot on Balance Step 300.
Remain all fields are same and not required any changes. Contact me privately if interested in Dax30 Ea Mt5.
Versão 7.0 2023.12.31
Fixed Minor Description Text.
Fixed Equity Hard Stop-Loss problem.
No changes in Old strategy.
Versão 6.2 2023.12.28
Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk v_6.02 Dt.28-12-23
Default working time chart = H-1(1 hour time chart)
Default working symbol(Index) = DE40, GER40, DAX40.
Minimum Balance Required 300 Balance for Min Lot Size = 0.10 For DE40 Index(IcMarket).
To increase Lot size more above 1, Change Max_Open_TradeSize_Limit From 1 to 20.

Other working symbols: UsTec and Us30:
working time chart H-1.
Note: You need specific Set file for working with Us30 and UsTec with Less Risk and stable result.

You can contact me anytime for Ea settings.
Versão 6.1 2023.12.16
Fixed minor bugs.
Removed some unwanted input option.
Best working on DE40 index. Default settings for DE40.
Minimum Balance Required 300 USD.
Max Lot Size is set to 1 default. You can increase Max Lot Size From 1 to 20 Max according to your Balance.
You can also contact me for Ready Set file for the Ea.
Versão 5.66 2023.10.27
Ea Strategy Update.
New Input Added in the Ea Settings: Open Order Closed at Fixed the Time Hours.
Default settings for DE40, Dax40, Ger40( Future and CDF)
Requirement: Mt5 Account Netting and Hedging Both Support.
Minimum Balance Require 1000 for Low Drawdown. Lot Size calculation 0.10 on Fixed Balance Step
Ea supports Other Index Also, contact us for settings to work with Other Index.
Versão 5.55 2023.06.28
Ea strategy Update in version v.5.55
Default working on DE40(Dax40) on H-1 time chart with a Minimum Balance of 300 on All brokers with Lot Digit =1(0.1) Minimum Volume step = 0.1
Ea working on UsTec on Time Chart H-1 with using of Set. With a minimum Balance of 100 USD.
Broker to Broker Settings is Different. Ask us for your perfect set file for working on Live Real Account.
The best Broker is IcMarket and TickMill.
For working on DE40 and USTEC both symbols on Real Account you Need a Minimum Balance of 500 USD.
We provide you set the file as per the symbols specification of your broker.
Lot Size calculation if AutoMode on Balance of 300 USD for starting Minimum Lot = 0.10.
Versão 5.51 2023.06.24
Dax30 Ea v_5.51 Strategy Update.
Best Working With DE40, GER40, DAX40 symbol on H-1 Time Chart.
Best Broker IcMarket, TickMIll with Minimum Leverage 1:100 and Above.
The minimum Balance Required is 300 USD and a Multiple of 300 USD (For Minimum Lot Steps Start From 0.10)
On TickMIll Broker Minimum Balance Required is 300 USD.(For the Minimum Lot Steps Stat From 0.01).
Versão 5.34 2023.06.06
Ea strategy optimized updates some parameters.
Now Ea is able to work on Both Indexes "DE40" and "USTEC".
Default settings for IcMarket Broker DE40 index on H-1 time.
Required Minimum Balance 1000 for two symbols.
You required different settings for TickMill and IcMarket Brokers and Also for Different Symbols.
For proper settings contact us via the mql5 chat app.
Settings may be different for different brokers and different symbols.

Versão 5.33 2023.05.30
StopLoss and Take Profits Problem Fixes.
Added Take Profits and StopLoss in Equity Amount and Also in Terms Of Percentage of Account Balance.
As per the request received from the customer, we updated the EA.
Versão 5.32 2023.05.28
Strategy Update With Extra Risk Management Settings.
Add an Option for Less Account Balance for trading in a Fix Percentage of the account balance.
Add Lot Size multiplier if Broker's lot size step in Dax40 is = 0.01 and for other broker settings are default.
Versão 5.31 2023.05.27
Ea strategy Update.
Spread Problem Fixed.
Working Best on DE40, DAX40, GER40 on H-1 time chart with Default Settings and
Versão 5.30 2023.05.11
Strategy Updated.
Fixed problem in Auto Lot with 1 Digit and 2 Digits Lot Step on other Broker on Testin Ea.
You can test Ea on Any Broker On Real Tick Base Data history From Dt.01-01-2021 to the Current Date.
Strategy fully optimized on Last 2 and half years Real Tick Data History.
The recovery Lot multiplier Default is set to 100% from the last in New Version For low Risk during a heavily volatile market.
Auto Calculations on Balance Allocation by you from 300 to 1000 For Minimum lot Step 0.10(IcMarket and Other Broker) and from 30 to 100 for Minimum lot step 0.01(TickMill Broker)
The last and final Update is done. The next update will be done as per the request received from the customer if required.
We continuously observe Ea performance on the Demo account from Jan-23 and also started on Live Real Account From May-23, and will take necessary action in the Ea if required.
Versão 5.28 2023.05.10
New features added in Ea Input Option:
Fixe Lot =0.10 (Default settings.)
If Fixed lot=0 Means = Auto Lot is Enabled.
For Auto Use Balance Stepper lot 0.01(Minimum)
Lot Didits = 2(2= Lot 0.01, 1= 0.10, 3=0.001)

Recovery Order Lot Multiplier in Percentage of First Order:
You change value according to you.(100 = 100% = Last Open Lot Size x 1 ),(200 = 200% = Last Open Lot Size x 2)
Versão 5.27 2023.05.02
1. Fix Lot Size option added
2. In Auto Lot Freez Balance in Percentage Of Equity is added to Save some Fixed portion of the Account Balance for Safety and Reduce Huge DD.
3. For Loss Recovery Order percentage of First Trade Lot size multiplier option added for fast recovery of losses.
4. Negative Swap charges are also calculated into Take Profits if Trade is not closed on the same day.
Versão 5.26 2023.04.21
Minor bug fixed related to AutoLot Size.
Versão 5.25 2023.03.05
Ea fixed minor problems of an Order comment.
Ea optimized for More positive trades.
The new version of Ea is working on DE40 Index and UsTex Index on M-10 charts.
Versão 5.24 2023.03.04
Trade Settings Default For DE40 Index(Dax40), German Index.
While on Testing Set Time From hour = 9 and Time From Minute = 30,
Fixed Auto Lot Settings per Balance with minimum Lot Step.
Add Order Swap charges calculation In Profits.
Add Balance Freez Option For Protection against Big Draw Down.
Versão 5.23 2023.01.09
Just fixed small inputs and nothing changed from the previous version.
Versão 5.21 2023.01.08
New Updated Ea is able to work on Many More Currency Pairs along with Dax40 Index on Any Broker. For testing Ea in Mt5 Tester on Real Tick Data use the set file given by me in the comment area.
Versão 5.12 2021.12.06
Some description changes and no more.
Versão 5.11 2021.12.06
Dax30 Ea v.5.11
All settings of Ea are calculation Pips Basis.
Works on Scalping Strategy.
Working on TickMill and IcMarket with Our Set File.
Dax30 Ea v.5.11 support De40 Index And Us30 Index On M-5 Time Chart.
Test Ea as mentioned in the set file:
M-5 means 5 Minute Chart, M-15 Means 15 Minutes chart.
Versão 3.1 2021.11.19
Changes in Take Profits in Second Buy Order;
Versão 3.0 2021.11.19
Update Ea to Investment Purpose.
Versão 2.50 2021.11.10
Updated Version v.2.50
Recovery Order Price Distance In Percentage For 2nd Order
Buy-Order =True/False
Sell-Order = True/False
you can manage Only Buy, Only Sell Or Both Buy, Sell According Market Situation
Stop Loss Error Fixed.
On Chart Account Info Display
Versão 2.0 2021.10.30
Fixed Take Profits Problem In Dax40.
New Indicator Added.