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This FREE Version will duplicate only one trade (latest) every time. For more than 1 trade handling get the full version . Use this Ea to share the trade from one account to another. Works even with different broker. No need to buy costly EAs. Get the costly EAs dem0 version. Then use this Ea with it to convert it into real account trade. Depending on your system and broker server speed, the EA may experience lag and will not take the trade if the price changes due to spread or slow speed. The E
Smart Growth EA
Debashish Sahu
Smart Growth Expert advisor, trade using price action. It use proprietary smart money management technique, which instead of taking money from the initial deposit, use the profit it made to trade and grow.  Best suitable for trending pairs with low spread. Even with a small account, traders can trade with this EA.   This EA is fully automated and trader should not intervein with its trade.
580 USD
Multipair Analyzer  - An expert advisor which analyze market structure across multiple currency pairs. Its a tool which uses purely price action structure based trading strategy.  Based on the market structure, the EA finds the optimal place to enter and can either take trade or can alert the user to take a better look. Just by placing the EA one one chart, all the other currency pairs are automatically analyzed.  Based on its analysis it provide multiple messages . These messages can be easi
100 USD
Debashish Sahu
SHARE EA  DO NOT MAKE TRADING DECISSION. This EA copy your trade across multiple terminals open in the same computer. The Ea is needed to be placed on one chart only and it will work across all the charts. In case of different prices with two different broker, the EA will wait when the prices becomes equal to open the trade. Select SEND in the EA from the terminal or account, you want to copy. Put the same Ea in the  receiving account or terminal and select RECEIVE in that Ea. You can copy trade
200 USD