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Anna Ex

This 1.7 version is more safe and less drawdown.

Recommend pairs are EURUSD / GBPUSD  M5.

All Brokers are OK.

All Spreads are OK.

All leverages are OK.

Live Signal : Anna Robot

All Backtest Reports are REAL. 

All Setting under comment 1-7 are not useable. The newest version 1.5 can run as original.


This Ea use simple indicators in option for you to easy custom it. It has 2 good taking profit systems as the key for the Ea to run safely on any pairs. All Take Profit and stop loss system are flexible to edit. Also, the indicators are easy to set for any timeframe. The Ea have all-in-one necessities. 


Normal Take Profit : True/False 

Smart Take Profit : True/False  

Trailing Mode : True/False

Lot Multiply : 1.5

Distance to Multiply : 20 (in pip this mean 200 point)

Lots : 0.01

Take Profit : 10 (in pip this mean 100 point)

Stop Loss Percent : 550

Stop Loss Percent Deviation : 0.01 

Trailing Stop : 10

Trailing Step : 5

Trailing Start Percent : 100

Strategy 1 Moving Average  

Strategy 2 Stochastic  

Strategy 3 Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Strategy 4 MACD

Magic Number : If you run Ea in multi currencies at one time in one account, you can set this magic number differently for each pairs.  

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Versão 1.7 2020.10.19
Version 1.7
Versão 1.6 2020.10.11
Version 1.6
Versão 1.5 2020.09.28
Version 1.5 add Trailing Stop
Versão 1.4 2020.09.25
Version 1.4
Versão 1.3 2020.09.24
Everything Fixed. Can run backtest.
Versão 1.2 2020.09.24
Fixed Selling lot. and add indicators for stability.
Versão 1.1 2020.09.22
This version I added Ichimoku Cloud+Stochastic to the Ea. It is better performance on EURUSD M5 and other pairs. The recommend deposit is at minimum of 1000 USD/USC