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Zero Thief EA

EA using 3 entry strategies : 
1 and 2 strategy is single entry or multi entry with TP and SL can be use Trailing or not.
3 strategy is marty with martingale can be custom level multiplier and max 8 entry, smart to find level max overbought or oversold with secure cutloss by drawdown level.

kind of setting type :
1. Information
2. Magic Number for First Strategy.
3. Magic Number for Second Strategy.
4. Activate or not first strategy entry.
5. Activate or not second strategy entry.
6. Activate or not third strstegy entry.
7. Max Order for strategy 1 and strategy 2.
8. TakeProfit by pips or use 0 for automatic this function for strategy 1 and strategy 2.
9. StopLoss by pips or use 0 for automatic this function for strategy 1 and strategy 2.
10. Using StopLoss or not.
11. Drawdown by percentage for Cutloss, this function for strategy 3.
12. Trailing for lock profit by pips.

Term of using this EA.
1. Minimum balance 1000$
2. Recomended using high leverage couse this EA not using automatic lots.
3. VPS or always on 24 hour.
4. Can be use all tipe account and not recommanded high spread (maximum spread 12 point)
5. Use 5 digits broker.
6. Only use EURUSD pair with any TimeFrame.

Note. For good setting look at picture.
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Versão 1.3 2020.09.04
improve entry position performance
Versão 1.2 2020.09.04
Add function target money by percent