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Peak Reversal MACD Scalp

Not so effective EA (yet), it is built for scalping but on average takes 1 trade per every tenth day based on my backtests so far. Hopefully I will update it so it becomes better in the future. In the meantime, you can experiment with it and let me know what you think, maybe you might find good parameters. Let me know :) 


Some example settings for starting balance=$2000 with leverage 1:100 with pictures (backtest for 2019 to 2020 year):

(1) GBPJPY - M15 - TP_Min=90 ; TP_Max=500 ; SL_Min=100 ; SL_Max=850 ; Spread=20 ; Lots=0.1 ;

(2) XAUUSD - M15 - TP_Min=60 ; TP_Max=500 ; SL_Min=400 ; SL_Max=1250 ; Spread=10 ; MACD_SignalSet=true ; MACD_Threshold=2 ; Lots=0.1 ;

NOTE: if have smaller or larger starting balance can change Lot size accordingly, for example, if $200 then Lots=0.01

Scalper: can do multiple trades per symbol; might do hedging

(1) Enter in Market: Tries to detect reversals in MACD, i.e. something like BUY if MACD goes down and SELL if MACD goes up.

(2) Protection: Variable stoploss based on envelope levels.

(3) Exit from Market: If profitable and opposite condition for (1).

Min points takeprofit value TP_Min
Max points takeprofit value TP_Max
Min points stoploss value SL_Min
Max points stoploss value SL_Max
Fixed lot size per trade Lots (setting to zero disables the scalper)

Other parameters

No more trades before this hour (if want trading all day, then set StartHour=EndHour) StartHour
No more trades after this hour EndHour
unique magic number for managing trades MAGIC
Max allowed spread for entering into trade Spread
Period value for "fastest" MA (recommend: 9) MA_1_Period
(recommend: Exponential) MA_1_Type
Period value for "medium" MA (recommend: 7) MA_2_Period
(recommend: Simple) MA_2_Type
Fast period for MACD (recommend: 12) MACD_FastPeriod
Slow period for MACD (recommend: 26) MACD_SlowPeriod
Signal period for MACD (recommend: 9) MACD_SignalPeriod
Use the signal on MACD ? (recommend: false) MACD_SignalSet
Use MACD only if above or below this level (recommend: 0) MACD_Threshold

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philippe germain
philippe germain 2020.06.25 17:35 

Testing. positive point: Good ratio TP/SL. But does not earn money

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Versão 1.2 2020.06.25
Forgot to change MACD_SignalSet=true and MACD_Threshold=2 for default XAUUSD M15. Now default input is XAUUSD M15 example
Versão 1.1 2020.06.25
Changed text and default parameter inputs are those for XAUUSD M15