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Equity Hero

The 'Equity Hero' EA was created several years ago from custom price action patterns which was condensed into three strategies.

There are times the market ranges emerge into new and uncharted territories, so it's handled by managing negative equity first.

This is why this EA has a feature available called an "Equi-Marti" which makes lots, in the event of a negative drawdown, increase.

Exiting can occur by stop-loss but it's also possible to use a specialized mechanical exit by a specific percentage of negative equity.

We all know how important exits can be so in addition to the "Equi-Exit", the EA can attempt in closing w/minimal slippage points.

The EA does not come readily optimized, provide optimized settings to be ready for usage, so make sure to do your optimizations.

Backtesting & Optimization

There may be an obvious difference in data between the broker's historical data and any data that was downloaded previously. If you already have data it is possible that it may have changed from the broker's version and must be re-downloaded. You should not use old data and disable the start & end date before testing so it will download new data for testing. It is recommended first you set your bars in history and bars of chart to a maxed out value such as "2147483647". Furthermore one may beware of chart mismatches on which dates may be problematic.

Key Characteristics

  • Non-Repaint Signal Generation
  • Works on many currency pairs
  • Fully Automatic and Intelligent
  • Compatibility and Versatility

Minimum Risk Capital

  • $100 to $1,000

    Recommended Time-frame

    • D1

      Input Parameters

      • Trade = true; - Trading Live
      • Trail = true; - Trailing Stop
      • Skip First = true; - Skip First Bar
      • Start HR = 1; - Hour Start
      • Stop HR = 23; - Hour Stop
      • Pattern A = -1; - Pattern A, -1:Off
      • Pattern B = -1; - Pattern B, -1:Off
      • Pattern C = 20; - Pattern C, -1:Off

      One signal generated per pattern and up to two signals allowed per bar, for buy & sell.

      • Risk Capital = % of Equity; - Risk Capital
      • Risk = 0.67; - Risk % Lot Size
      • Max Lot Size = 0.00; - 0:Broker's Max Lot
      Max lot value may be entered or set to zero, if your broker allows a max lot.
      • Exceed Max Lot = false; - Multiple Split Max Lots
      Multiple orders with split lots may be used with the max lot value.
      • Equi-Marti = -5.00; - 0:Off
      Equi-Marti is the percent of negative drawdown percent of equity for martingale.
      • Martingale = 200.00; - 0:Off
      Martingale addition, with equi-marti, generates higher lots during negative drawdown.
      • Equi-Exit % = -10.00; - O:Off
      Order exits by a negative percent of equity from account balance.
      • Take Profit = 0; - Order Take Profit
      • Stop Loss = 0; - Order Stop Loss
      • Trailing Stop = 20; - Trailing Stop
      • Comment ID = "EAv1"; - Order Comment

      EA can run on two or more of the same currency pair & time-frame given the order comment is different on each chart.

      Each magic number is automatically generated and retrieved from the global variables under the "Tools" menu, or by pressing F3.
      • Sleep MS = 30; - Sleep MS Delay
      • Max Spread = 20; - Spread Limiter, -1:Off
      • Max Slippage = 10; - Order Max Slippage
      • Slippage Add = 2; - Slippage Increment
      Slippage is managed from "SlippageAdd"(as a start) and a "MaxSlippage", which thereafter will reset to the "SlippageAdd" value.
      • Retries = 5; - Retries
      • Start Balance = 0.00; - 0:Auto
      Start balance is used for label output which indicates the progress of the profit and floating loss.
      • EA Chart Theme = false; - Custom chart theme

      Custom look of the chart that displays the theme colors of the expert advisor.


      • Please be sure to leave any ideas, tips and suggestions in the "Reviews" section and they may be included.
      • Improvements to the system could be at any time so we suggest that you possibly backup your copies.

        Produtos recomendados
        Thomas Cain
        Augment is an EA designed to take advantage of sharp movements in the market. Using an array of approaches, including candlestick ranges, the EA is designed for turbulence. Aside from using candlesticks as part of its entry, Augment has built-in AI to determine the best price action levels that a martingale system can be the most efficient. The EA has been programmed for the market conditions from 2017 to current day. To use this EA, it is recommended to have a starting balance of $3,000 per .01
        Candlestick Patterns All Pair is a simple and convenient indicator of candlestick pattens. It is able to identify 29 candlestick patterns. It displays the latest patterns for all pairs and timeframes. The considerable advantages of the indicator It finds and marks 29 candlestick patterns; Displays a table of the last patterns for the 28 major pairs and each timeframe; It has settings for 5 extra pairs; Indicates the classic trade direction; Each candlestick patterns can be disabled in the sett
        50 USD
        Anna Surmina
        3 (2)
        I present you the Abella Expert Advisor. The "London breakout" occurs in the European session. During this time, Abella follows the market and enters in one of the direction according to the identified Price Action patterns. The EA works both during a flat and trend. This EA has been created for multicurrency trading. Do not Abella on one pair. For optimal performance, use 4 pairs: AUDUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPUSD (the H1 timeframe) and create a portfolio. Parameters Lot - fixed lot; Risk - dyna
        When the price is moving Up/Down rapidly majority of brokers are increasing the Spread. This indicator will show the Spread for 9 currency pairs by your choice ( Yellow digits ) - you allow to change all input parameters, including changing the name of the currency pairs. This indicator also shows classical indicator RSI (Relative Strength Index) for defined currency pairs and will be helpful for those who love and know how to use not a visual but digital representation of the indicator.
        30 USD
        Triangle Trader
        Yaser Sabbaghi
        5 (3)
        Triangle Trader ( Triangile Trader ) This EA assist professional traders for semi-auto trading. It takes position when the price break out the hypotenuse and adjacent leg of TRIANGLE in the chart. When the trader can not distinguish the trend and possibility of both BULLISH and BEARISH break out are expected, this EA will be trader magic stick. At this EA, trader needs to adjust two plotted Trade Lines in the chart as Hypotenuse and Adjacent Leg of a TRIANGLE . The opposite leg will be draw
        30 USD
        Scalper Inside PRO
        Alexey Minkov
        4.94 (17)
        This is an innovative indicator that uses an exclusive algorithm to quickly and accurately determine the trend. The indicator automatically calculates the opening and closing time of positions, as well as detailed statistics of the indicator's performance for a certain period of history, which allows you to choose the best trading tool for your trade. You can also connect your custom arrow indicators to Scalper Inside Pro to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. Scalper Inside
        129 USD
        OneClickClose-Pro EA allow users to easily close all positions at once with multiple options with simple UI. Options Includes::         1. Close All Positions         2. Close All Buy Positions         3. Close All Sell Positions         4. Close All Position GreaterThan or Equal to Profit         5. Close All Position LessThan or Equal to Profit         6. Close All Position By Symbol         7. Option to Set Deviation         8. Option to Set Maximum Retry (If position close fails)
        This indicator is based on the classical Alligator indicator. The proposed indicator has the ability to increase a smooth-effect in Alligator Indicator. This indicator could play an important role in determining support and resistance lines.  Support  occurs when falling prices stop, change direction, and begin to rise.  Support  is often viewed as a “floor” which is  supporting , or holding up, prices.  Resistance  is a price level where rising prices stop, change direction, and begin to fall.
        30 USD
        Andriy Sydoruk
        This is a scalper system.  ScalpelTooSpeed  should be optimized once per month. After that, it shows excellent results on a forward period (exceeding the historical one several times) that can be seen on the screenshots. Pay sufficient attention to your broker's spread! The higher the spread the rarer the EA enters the market. If the spread exceeds 20 pips, number of points decreases twice. A broker with a floating spread starting from 6 pips will be perfect. There are such brokers in the market
        339 USD
        TrailingStop MA 4
        Andrej Nikitin
        4 (2)
        O indicador desenha duas médias móveis simples utilizando preços máximos e mínimos A linha de MA_High é exibido quando a média móvel é direcionada para baixo. Ele pode ser usado para definir uma ordem de stop para uma posição de venda. A linha de MA_Low é exibido quando a média móvel é dirigida para cima. Ela pode ser usado para definir uma ordem de stop para uma posição comprada. O indicador é usado no Expert Advisor TrailingStop . Parâmetros Period - Período de cálculo da média móvel. Deviatio
        Trend Reborn
        Phindile Victoria Qwabe
        TREND REBORN is a non-repainting indicator that shows you the trend of the market  can be used as a trend filter or a trade entry or exit  BUY when indicator is blue and SELL when Indicator is Orange only  The indicator can be used alone or with another indicator based on your trading strategy  Timeframe   All Timeframe can be traded  Currency pairs All Currency pairs can be traded 
        30 USD
        Constant Trader
        Ciprian Ghebanoaei
        Constant Trader   Constant Trader  is a fully automatic, professional trading robot. Designed specifically for the foreign exchange market   EURUSD M15. EA  does not need to configure parameters. Ready to work on  EURUSD M15 . You only need to decide on the choice of the lot. It has a smart algorithm which detects the trend, filters out market noise. The expert creates orders on trend direction. Input and output orders are given by a combination of three indicators that can be found on any MT4
        Vladimir Khlystov
        The Expert Advisor analyzes the rate of price change and opens positions in the direction of price movement when the speed sign changes. Then it accompanies the positions with a trawl, which also depends on the speed. That is, when the price growth SL SL is pressed closer, when the speed increases, respectively, further, allowing the price to gain weight and prevents from closing when the market noise. tp also moves higher when the speed changes. If necessary, you can enable the transfer fu
        350 USD
        This is a simple trend indicator. It draws the arrows live and shows when the potential trend starts or ends. It is separated by my indicator for positions on the trend direction Cross MAs Trend Entry , so that you can use it for free and get more familiar with my strategies. Note : the indicator does not redraw arrows, it works absolutely live and for every period and simbol ( it is most optimized for M5 ) It has simple input parameters, the default values are optimized for M5 for most of th
        HMA grid EA
        Dorian Baranes
        3.4 (10)
        HMA Grid EA is a grid system which analyzes trend based on the Hull Moving Average (HMA) indicator. Unlike the Simple Moving Average (SMA) the curve of HMA attempts to give an accurate signal by minimizing lags and improving the smoothness. This EA proposes two trading strategies which combine a slow period HMA to identify the main trend and a short period HMA to identify short trend reversal movement. This combination make usually sell and buy signals accurate and in case if the trend reverse w
        Horror Broker
        Yaroslav Varankin
        Indicator designed for binary options trading buy signals come along with hiding a new candle blue arrow on histogram buy signal red arrow on histogram sell signal buy worth 1 or 2 candles the signal appears with the opening of a new candle but may appear during its formation it’s worth entering the deal only when the signal has arrived at the opening, the signals do not disappear Recommended currency pairs: Any Timeframe: up to H1 You can customize the PERIOD parameter to your trading style Rec
        40 USD
        This indicator will be very useful for a research of a trading strategy system. The MACD Control Panel is based on the very popular Relative Strength Index indicator. You will be able to change the indicator parameters FastPeriod , SlowPeriod , SignalPeriod and Apply Price by clicking on the Up ( /\ ) and Down ( \/ ) buttons. Sometimes, when you will open a rarely used currency pair or timeframe the indicator will not show its value. In this case you should use button " 0 ".
        30 USD
        Boris Zeytunyan
        1 (1)
        (Settings in the form of a set of files in the discussion!) Brass is a fully automated trading system. The structure of the analysis includes price movements and tick volume analysis. Expert does not require optimization and any settings - set on the chart and wait. It is recommended to use the standard settings, however, the system is flexible and you can independently choose the settings for any currency pair and any timeframe. You can also use any other brokers with a recommended leverage
        59 USD
        Averager NEW
        Oleg Popov
        3.17 (6)
        Expert Advisor Features trailing profit in the deposit currency (Trailing Stop Money) closing by a profit or loss in the deposit currency opening orders at a specified time managing positions opened manually or by another Expert Advisor calculating initial lot based on the current balance limiting the maximum lot volume choosing trading type several types and methods of averaging visually displays the current breakeven price, draws horizontal lines "Line break even BUY"-blue, "Line break even
        Trading statistics future is a very useful EA, for those who use statistics they will be able to analyze back in time how the individual currencies behaved in the months, weeks and days both in the present and in the past, for more than twenty years based on the historical data, of your Broker, you will be able to see based on the ranking how the various currencies and gold behaved, what are his habits, if he pushed on that day, or how many times it was positive or negative compare the averages
        250 USD
        CAP Wabot Scalper EA MT4
        Mohammad Ali
        2.5 (2)
        CAP Wabot Scalper EA   is a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading that uses advance price movement.   Indicators are not used in operation. The EA uses Take Profit and Stop Loss. Averaging and Martingale are not used.   This EA is basically designed to trade EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY which implements a complete and fully-functional trading strategy. But EA can be working any of pair. This EA will need a good broker with small spread to work successfully. CAP Wabot Scalper EA     is ba
        Martian RSI EA
        Pierce Vallieres
        Martian RSI is an EA which detects RSI divergences and places trades accordingly. The EA is optimized for trading GBPUSD and NDAQ100 on the daily timeframe. The EA is designed for medium to longterm investing. Simply deposit funds into your account, adjust risk settings to fit your personal risk tolerance and then watch your account grow exponentially over time. - Follows FIFO rules - No Martingale - Optional Grid Default settings are for HIGH RISK strategy on NDAQ100 daily. Please PM me for
        30 USD
        Keltner Channel MT4
        Muhammad Robith
        4.5 (4)
        Keltner Channel is a well known indicator that not in MT4's indicators default lineup (You can get this from your broker somehow). This indicator helps you to define trend and sometimes overbought/oversold prices during flat trend. Input Description: EMAperiod: Moving Average period used for indicator. Must be higher than 1. ATRperiod: Average True Range period used for indicator. Must be higher than 1. multiplier: Multiplier used for determine channel's wide. Must be higher than 0 but may not b
        Australian Star
        Ciprian Ghebanoaei
        Estrela Australiana (AUDUSD M30) O Australian Star é um robô de negociação profissional e totalmente automático. Projetado especificamente para o mercado de câmbio AUDUSD M30. É especialmente projetado para quem deseja começar com pouco dinheiro na negociação automática. Claro que com lote mínimo. Para outros, aumentar o risco é suficiente. Este EA não precisa configurar parâmetros. Pronto para trabalhar no AUDUSD M30. Você só precisa decidir sobre a escolha do lote. Esse EA possui um
        HEGUI Morad
        Procyon is a fully automated professional Expert Advisor for scalping trading and designed for the major volatile pairs. It use a custom algorithm for recognizing the Price Action and sends a pending order during large market movements and takes advantage of the retracement to make a significant profit, while ensuring some moderate losses through a tight hard stop loss. Advantages Few parameters for more efficiency (with .set files for each pair) Hard Stop loss and Spread filter for every tr
        199 USD
        King Trend Whisper
        Jose Daniel Stromberg Martinez
        Current price: $49 Final price $199 This EA   is a professional built EA with fixed stoploss and takeprofit to minimize risk (1/4 ratio). It uses only tools that messures trend and oscillator. It has been a long work to find what tools to combine, to find best results. You can choose if you want to trade with fixed lots, or lots per amount in balance. No Martingale No Grid Broker and deposit Any broker with small spreads is suitable. Recommended deposit:   $300 or more. Minimum deposi
        49 USD
        Money Pies
        Vladimir Tselishchev
        Money Pies. Общие сведения: Что бы начать торговать, большой депозит не требуется. Идеально подходит для быстрого подъёма депозита. Работает на  мультивалютной торговле. Иммунитет к длительной задержке и величине спреда. Принцип работы: После запуска на графике запоминает уровень открытия первого ордера. Выше уровня открытия первого ордера, выставляет сеть ордеров на Sell. Ниже уровня открытия первого ордера, выставляет сеть ордеров на Buy. Если общая прибыль ордеров на покуп
        150 USD
        MACD Trend Follower
        Mohamed Amine Talbi
        3.75 (4)
        The "MACD Trend Follower" is an indicator based on the MACD oscillator. It serves to spot the trend direction by giving it a fixed color until the trend changes (the trend direction colors are customizable). The default MACD settings for the indicator has been changed to adapt to the fast moving Forex market, but they can be changed to suit the trader. Recommended settings for the indicator : - MACD Fast EMA : 8 Periods. - MACD Slow EMA : 13 Periods. - MACD SMA : 5 Periods. Indicator inputs
        This utility allows to quickly scan markets on different timeframes without dragging symbols from Market Watch. It supports multi timeframe analysis, i.e. three different timeframes can be scanned. Additionally, it saves objects drawn on a chart to a file and synchronizes them between other windows. Also, this utility will automatically save all objects and drawing to a file and restore when switching back; also, the template will be loaded on other charts, too. The watchlist is based on instrum
        双线MACD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        联系方式: 手机(微信同号):18684931740,黄先生 QQ:276687220 Email:276687220@qq.com 专业团队MT4/MT5编程,定制指标、EA、脚本 提供国内代码转译服务 编程手法细腻,参数设置体贴合理 具有丰富的实盘交易经验,能贴近客户需求 1-7天交货,100%实现客户需求 MT4 EA价格一般为300-1000元人民币,上不封顶 MT4 指标价格一般为200-800元,上不封顶 MT5  EA一般500-1200,看内容定价,上不封顶 MT5  指标一般400-1000,看内容定价,上不封顶 跟单软件月租100终身1000,提供三天无理由退货 程序修改100-500元 程序加急起价100元,视难度当日或次日交货 依照逻辑结构、指标运用数目、特殊限制条件定价
        30 USD
        Os compradores deste produto também adquirem
        North East Way EA
        4.8 (20)
        North East Way EA é um sistema de negociação “pullback” totalmente automatizado, que é especialmente eficaz na negociação de pares de moedas “pullback” populares: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. O sistema usa os principais padrões do mercado Forex na negociação - o retorno do preço após um movimento abrupto em qualquer direção. Prazo: M15 Pares de moeda base: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD Pares de moedas adicionais:  EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPCAD, EURCAD.   Sinais AO VIVO: North East Way NEW2000
        9 987 USD
        Night Hunter Pro
        Valeriia Mishchenko
        4.88 (34)
        EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with   low drawdown : Live performance   -   Best pairs   (set file in the description) High-risk   performance 5 copies  left at $999! Next price --> $1199 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth . It is a professio
        999 USD
        All Index Scalper
        5 (17)
        One 5 stars review will price up 50USD   to the next day , One 1 star review will price down 50USD to the next day . Price will be dynamic by last day review given by stars . Important upgrade : Risk mode added / Fast order close within 1 sec  Warning :  Do not use another EA / other manual trade with IIIII scalper , only run in a 200 USD account with IIIII only .  Signals monitors  :   Here   ( My live record started with 200USD /  Risk Free  already in 6 trading days , The faster order clos
        650 USD
        Index Scalper PRO MT4
        Evgenii Aksenov
        5 (5)
        Sistema de negociação escalpante é criado de acordo com o princípio do movimento para o valor médio do preço  Tais sistemas permitem que você aumente rapidamente o seu saldo de conta sem usar estratégias de Gamarra arriscadas e ordens de grade Index Scalper PRO EA é adequado para iniciantes e comerciantes experientes Posteriormente, o consultor será retirado da venda a fim de limitar o número de utilizadores e não permitir que os corretores agravem as condições de negociação. A monitorizar os
        799 USD
        GOLD EAgle mt4
        Evgenii Aksenov
        4.76 (118)
        A Gold EAGLE é uma estratégia de swing que é perfeita para o mercado plano, que é de 80 a 90% do tempo. O EA Gold EAGLE é otimizado para o par XAUUSD (GOLD). Esta é uma estratégia de escalpelamento de tendência usando o indicador TrendLine PRO como sinal de entrada. Conselheiro abre o primeiro mandado de sinal indicador e registra lucro em um determinado nível, mas se o preço não chega a margem de lucro e revertida, abre-se automaticamente adicional ordem calculando a média global do nível de l
        499 USD
        The Reaper EA
        Profalgo Limited
        4.41 (49)
        Esqueça os backtests bonitos: O EA Reaper já está à frente da curva! Vamos encarar a verdade: o maior problema com a maioria dos sistemas de negociação automatizados no mercado é que todos eles mostram backtests muito bons, mas apenas alguns realmente funcionam em contas reais. Isso é muito frustrante quando você despejou seu dinheiro arduamente ganho neles. (Sem mencionar os muitos EAs do mercado, que usam resultados de backtest manipulados para vender o produto... mas isso é outra história.) A
        499 USD
        Mikhail Voropaev
        5 (13)
        NightTradeEA é um scalper noturno totalmente automático que não requer intervenção manual. A EA abre pedidos apenas dentro de duas horas entre as sessões americana e asiática. O Expert Advisor foi testado com sucesso em contas de negociação reais por três ou mais anos: NightTrade2 Live Account Signal A EA não usa estratégias perigosas que destroem a conta: martingale e grade. Todas as ordens de negociação são protegidas por Stop Loss. O Expert Advisor   se distingue por um grande número de conf
        279 USD
        EA Flower
        Vitali Vasilenka
        4.53 (53)
        A raiva vence o medo de Thomas Shelby IMPORTANTE! Contate-me imediatamente após a compra para obter instruções de configuração e um bônus! AGORA APENAS 990 $! SOMENTE 3 CÓPIAS RESTANTES A ESTE PREÇO PREÇO APÓS A PROMO: 1900 $ Esqueça os bons testes da história: a EA Flower já está à frente de seu tempo! O Expert Advisor não reluta em resistir aos testes devido ao complexo gerenciamento do sistema HFT de ordens comerciais para Índices DE40 (GER40.cash) O Expert Advisor é desenvolvido com base
        190 USD
        R Factor EA
        Raphael Minato
        4.76 (34)
        Expert Advisor R FACTOR com Sistema Proprietário de Gerenciamento de Portfólio Dinâmico. Após 4 anos de desenvolvimento e quase 3 anos de resultados positivos reais, estamos finalmente confiantes em compartilhar nossa estratégia com a comunidade MQL5. Sempre foi importante para nós que a estratégia funcionasse positivamente para o criador antes que ela pudesse ser compartilhada. "Skin In The Game" é essencial para demonstrar a crença na estratégia e também proporcionar um aprimoramento contínuo
        519 USD
        YOLO Diamond hands
        4.64 (33)
        Boosting performance is allowed , Please contact me after purchase about how to get free version of indicator and daily analysis . Upgraded 4.0 to all pairs also good to use . if you want to improve your   manual trading skills   , YOLO is a good tool for you to train your manual trade , if your decision is not too horrible , YOLO will help you TP , and you can start your next decision  PM me after purchase for free version of indicator  Instruction : Here Signal monitor :   Here   Th
        2 388 USD
        EA Black Dragon
        Ramil Minniakhmetov
        4.88 (110)
        EA Black Dragon funciona no indicador Black Dragon. O Expert Advisor abre um negócio pela cor do indicador, então é possível construir a rede de pedidos ou trabalhar com um stop loss. O acompanhamento do trabalho real, bem como meus outros desenvolvimentos, pode ser encontrado aqui: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller Você pode encontrar todas as configurações aqui! Recomendações Pares de moedas EURUSD GBPUSD  Prazo M15  Depósito recomendado 1000 dólares ou centavos  Configura
        30 USD
        CURRENT PRICE $199..... Future Price $499 SAVE MORE BUYING EARLY. LIVE SIGNAL - CLICK HERE JOIN our MQL5.com Chats Group -   Click Here Take Notice:  You may see a losing day and  then come back the next day or 2 and see the following day has not only recovered but has gone way up in profit. This is how this EA was designed. Pay close attention to the Detailed back test report below to get a feel on how this EA trades. Some Symbols will follow the trend and other symbols will counte
        199 USD
        Gregory Hay
        5 (7)
        Conselheiro Especialista DragonScalper       tem mais de       + 1000% de ganho anual       com baixo rebaixamento controlado em       NEGOCIAÇÃO AO VIVO MERCADOS IC AO VIVO       conta encerrada       1 ANO E 5 MESES DE CORRIDA. Ganhar 90% de meses positivos. Desempenho de negociação de contas MYFXBOOK ao vivo para TODOS os nossos ESPECIALISTAS:       https://t1p.de/1txi Nosso site   www.alnotrade.com Melhor com baixo spread   GPBJPY   broker com RAW / ECN / PRO feed alvo 0,5 spread (+ comissõ
        349 USD
        Waka Waka EA
        Valeriia Mishchenko
        4.65 (20)
        EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT5 version can be found here Only 8  copies  left  at $699 Next price -->   $799 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it
        699 USD
        Hamster Scalping
        Ramil Minniakhmetov
        4.79 (56)
        Hamster Scalping é um consultor de negociação totalmente automatizado que usa dois modos para amantes de scalping e martingale. O indicador RSI e o filtro ATR são usados ​​como entradas. O acompanhamento do trabalho real, bem como meus outros desenvolvimentos, pode ser encontrado aqui: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller Recomendações gerais Um corretor com boa execução e spread de 2 a 5 pips, você precisa de um servidor VPS muito rápido, de preferência com um ping de no máximo
        30 USD
        Blazing Night Scalper MT4
        Scott Fredeman
        4.88 (16)
        CURRENT PRICE $299.  Future price will be $499. MT5 Version - Click Here Early Users of Blazing Night Scalper get the lowest price. JOIN our MQL5.com Chats Group -   Click Here Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or
        299 USD
        EA Golden Elephant
        Vitali Vasilenka
        4.67 (76)
        A raiva vence o medo de Thomas Shelby IMPORTANTE! Contate-me imediatamente após a compra para obter instruções e um bônus! AGORA APENAS $ 249! A ESTE PREÇO, SÓ PERMANECEM 3 CÓPIAS PREÇO APÓS A PROMOÇÃO: $ 449 O Expert Advisor é projetado para detectar uma reversão de tendência negociando com o instrumento XAUUSD O algoritmo inteligente EA Golden Elephant detecta com precisão a reversão da tendência do par de negociação XAUUSD (ouro), filtra o ruído do mercado e gera sinais de entrada e saída.
        149 USD
        SIEA Pro MT4
        Daniel Stein
        Obtenha mais informações, como FAQs, relatórios de backtest e dicas para as definições DST/GMT correctas   nas nossas FAQ públicas SIEA Envie um screenshot da sua compra, e receberá os ficheiros do conjunto para SIEA ZEN e SIEA MAX . Assim, terá 3 SIEAs em 1. O MT4 não é capaz de executar estratégias multi-símbolo no seu testador de estratégias. Recomendamos a utilização das   versões SIEA MT5   para executar o teste de retrocesso realista de multi-símbolo. As chaves do sucesso   na nego
        1 999 USD
        Silver Power EA
        Artur Kinzikeev
        4.93 (15)
        O EA Silver Power usa o indicador Zig-Zag para encontrar o melhor ponto de entrada. Os melhores resultados foram obtidos com prata, mas também podem ser usados ​​em outros instrumentos. Ao trabalhar, o EA usa a média, tem um painel para acesso rápido às configurações do gráfico e um algoritmo de redução. Os resultados do trabalho em contas reais podem ser vistos aqui. Após a compra, entre em contato comigo para obter instruções e configurações. Descrição dos parâmetros de entrada: Volum
        30 USD
        EA Syntax
        Vitali Vasilenka
        3.15 (13)
        IMPORTANTE! Contate-me imediatamente após a compra para obter instruções de configuração e um bônus! AGORA APENAS 190 $! A ESTE PREÇO, SÓ PERMANECEM 9 CÓPIAS PREÇO APÓS A PROMOÇÃO: $ 990 Sinal real: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1326700?source=Site +Profile+Seller O Expert Advisor é desenvolvido com base na análise matemática usando a marcação "HFT" do autor. Negociação de alta frequência, ou negociação de alta frequência, ou estratégias de HFT nos mercados financeiros que permitem a transa
        190 USD
        Fx Sensei X
        Mohamed Hassan
        To backtest the EA, please use the default settings on the M15 timeframe!   To celebrate the official release of Sensei X, we are giving away a free bonus after purchase!  ️ Don't use the default settings on a live account. You will not have the right time filter. Please contact us after purchase to get your private set file that applies on all 15 forex pairs! Fx Sensei X uses a sophisticated strategy based on market volatility. This is our first ever Japanese robot that we created!  It mai
        89 USD
        Legend Wall Street
        Ramil Minniakhmetov
        5 (3)
        Legend Wall Street - encontra as zonas da reversão esperada do mercado usando zonas Fibo dinâmicas, depois disso aguarda um sinal de confirmação dos níveis de preço alto ou baixo. O EA tem a capacidade de fechar posições não apenas por lucro, mas também pelo nível Fibo do indicador.  IMPORTANTE! Entre em contato comigo imediatamente após a compra para obter instruções e um bônus! O monitoramento real da operação, bem como meus outros produtos, podem ser encontrados aqui: https://www.mql5.co
        30 USD
        Fundamental Trader
        Sara Sabaghi
        5 (6)
        Live Monitoring Join te legram community group for this EA,   Link on my bio Read more about the EA and EA manual Read about the panel components We are in 50% Discount, $800 set to $398 Contact me after the purchase to get a bonus! ZIWOX FUNDAMENTAL TRADER  Ziwox Fundamental trader is a trading assistant that helps financial markets traders reach smart decisions informed by the latest fundamental data, market trend, sentiment, economic news, and forecast. This EA use online source to catch a
        399 USD
        Gold Extractor
        Sara Sabaghi
        4.59 (22)
        Live Monitoring , For Join the signal channel, link in my profile bio note, Back-test may have some difference from real, cause of EA use fundamental data and US10Y data to predict the gold movement. Contact me after the purchase to get a bonus! Brief about, gold/XAUUSD? Gold has been considered a highly valuable commodity for millennia and the gold price is widely followed in financial markets around the world. Most commonly quoted in US Dollars is (XAU/USD). All the times in Forex, Hedge
        145 USD
        Ranger MT4 EA
        Vladimir Pleshakov
        5 (2)
        The   Ranger  trading robot is the result of many years of work on researching thousands of strategies, prediction indicator systems to find the optimal and adapted online trading strategy. Combining several methods of market analysis and modern trading algorithms, the robot observes every tick of the price change, making trading decisions at any second of trading sessions. Main advantages: Insensitive to spread and commission; There are several levels of stop orders for one position; Minimum d
        599 USD
        Tioga MT4
        Ozkan Kara
        5 (2)
        Price: 495 USD                Only 1 copy left at this price ! Next Price: 795 USD TIOGA is a fully automated   Night Scalper.   It works good on all major currency pairs.  Main strategy is using mean reversion on end of US season. The system focuses only Small and Steady Profits. The EA does not use grid, martingale, averaging or other dangerous strategies.   It uses fixed stoploss for every position. I will always help you, please contact me ! Live Signal    >>>  https://www.mql5.com/en/sig
        495 USD
        EA Prime
        Fanur Galamov
        5 (6)
        MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 !!! HOLIDAY SALE 40% OFF !!! *ONLY 1 REDUCED PRICE COPY REMAINED. EA Prime  is a premium fully automated multicurrency Expert Advisor. The Ea carefully analyzes the market and determines the most probable direction of price movement. According to the market the Ea uses limit or stop orders and trades in the direction of main trend or in the opposite direction at price bounces. The strategy is based on long-term observations of market behavior. To select a
        125 USD
        5 (1)
        Price might change anytime  Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version . 80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . News filter added into DB / Will investigate impact news data Signals monitors   :    Here Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of Metaverse EA: Metavese EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need to be set , trading stra
        999 USD
        Darwin Evolution MT4
        Guillaume Duportal
        5 (1)
        Darwin Evolution !! 1490 USD para 990 USD Tempo Limitado (Oferta válido até a chegada da próxima atualização, não perca tempo) !!! Você não pode fazer o backtest deste EA, porque o MT4 não lida com os multi-pares simultâneos. Darwin precisa dos 28 pares para o cálculo dos indicadores !! Descrições: - Para entender a operação, venha ler o blog (este EA reflete minha filosofia de negociação forex ... se você gosta do meu caminho para ver as coisas, então você vai gostar do meu EA. Ap
        999 USD
        Gold Power EA
        Artur Kinzikeev
        Gold Power EA usa o indicador ADX para filtrar a força da tendência e o indicador de momento para encontrar o melhor ponto de entrada. Ao trabalhar, o conselheiro usa a média, possui um painel para acesso rápido às configurações do gráfico e possui um algoritmo para trabalhar com rebaixamento. Os resultados do trabalho em contas reais podem ser vistos aqui. Após a compra, entre em contato comigo para instruções e configurações. Descrição dos parâmetros de entrada: Volume inicial - o l
        30 USD
        Mais do autor
        Average Bar Chart
        Brian Lillard
        4.33 (3)
        The ' Average Bar Chart ' indicator was created to showcase the traditional Heiken Ashi calculation as an exotic charting style. This indicator is known for reducing chart noise for a smoother price action. A dditional indicators are recommended Key Features Candlesticks for OHLC are removed from the chart. Average bars may be shown as complete bars without tails. All functionality and features of this exotic chart are inputs. Input Parameters Chart Timeframe =  PERIOD_CURRENT; - period to s
        Order History
        Brian Lillard
        5 (3)
        A more advanced trade plotter indicator that also includes some additional information. Fully customizable to fit the desired look of the chart as well as the historical orders. Be sure that all the order history needed to view has been shown in the Account History tab Key Features This indicator has alot of preferences on how you like to see orders on the chart. Each order type has been made customizable by color and line styles There are advanced settings that provide additional effects, su
        The ' MTF MA Cross ADV ' indicator comes from MTF Moving Average Cross with  an   advanced algorithm . Fast & slow  m oving average crosses are used for generating up to four arrows either at bar 0 or bar 1. Everything about the algorithm is internalized to help in generating new & highly advanced signals. Key Features This indicator contains a fast and slow MA cross with MTF & filtering settings. A  NewBarConfirm  as 'true' means notifications come from bar 1, 'false': bar 0. PC Alerts, E-
        30 USD
        The chart bucket indicator primarily creates custom candlesticks which comes with adjustable colors, color themes and sizes and even comes with a demo. Also included are trade details relevant to trading and binary options. If your a binary options trader this may be useful for timing of bars with actual price that you can compare with your binary options broker. Key Features Custom Candlestick Themes, Custom Colors & Sizes. Ask/Bid Point Difference. Open/Close Point Difference of current
        The ' Session Spreads ' indicator was created to show spreads, their instances and averages, over the seven main sessions. This shows the most average & useful spreads occurring the most on the seven main sessions on chart, and via/CSV files. Key Features 7 Sessions automatically adjusted to the broker GMT & DST for logging spreads. Spreads logged per session with overlays equally processed on all applicable. Instances of spreads logged per spread amount that shows the most average. Average spr
        The 'OHLC Breakz ' indicator was designed to show trends and overbought/oversold areas on the chart. There are arrows which show periods in price action of overbought and oversold condition and there are trendlines which should indicate long term trend formations. It is advisable to trade with it during higher liquidity as well as lowest spreads.  Key Features Looks for a pattern based on a range of bars which give signals for buy or sell. There are many visual options available as well as mod
        31 USD
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