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Ultimate Partial Profit EA Demo

This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with unlimited partial profit levels based on pips, ratio, ATR, and profit. Visualize all orders and their profit levels in a sophisticated on-screen display. 

This free version works on AUDJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, NZDUSD on demo accounts with no other limitations. Full version can be found here.  

Note: EA can be run with the visual backtester to simulate trading to see how it looks and feels before purchase or for testing trade ideas. 

A partial profit system attempts to close parts of your position at particular profit level(s) to bank profits. For example, if you wanted to close 50% of your 0.1 lot at 50 pips profit for two cycles (levels), the partial profit would close 50 pips with 0.05 lots at level X, and the remainder (0.05) at 100 pips at level Y. The advantage of partial profit systems is the ability to scale-out and lock in profit while enjoying the potential rewards of a sustained move.

How the Ultimate Partial Profit EA is unique?

The standard partial profit systems allow you to manage manual trades of one symbol with fixed pip levels (usually three) at fixed removal percentages. But with this utility you can:

  1. Choose unlimited partial profit levels based on pips, ratio, ATR and profit

  2. Manage unlimited open orders (manual or EA) of different symbols

  3. Filter open orders based on symbol, magic number, comment, or ticket

  4. Display on-screen partial open trade information and their partial levels, along with dynamically updating pips to level, pips & dollar profit

How to use Ultimate Partial Profit EA?

The EA should be attached to a separate chart on your MT4 and it will manage & apply partial profit close to all open trades filtered by symbol, magic number, comment or trade number. 

Ultimate Partial Profit EA Inputs:

  • Threshold in pips — Start your custom partial close cycle when trade reaches X pips in profit. If Threshold = 50 and Cycle = Pips and Cycle Size = 20, then the EA will wait for the trade to reach a profit of 50 + 20 = 70 pips in order to close the first part of the trade.

  • Cycle in Pips, Ratio, ATR, Profit —

    Pips — allows to input your pip amount for the different cycles. 

    Ratio — the ratio multiplier of your stop loss. For example, if your SL=50 pips, and you want your partial profit levels to be 2 times stop loss, choose Cycle = Ratio and Cycle Size = 2. 

    ATR — calculates the average true range of the symbols controlled, customized for a) time frame; b) period; and c) Multiplier (which is Cycle Size). If you choose Cycle = ATR and ATR Time = H1 and ATR period = 25 and Cycle Size = 10, then the function will calculate the ATR value in pips for each symbol at the time of its entry price. 

    Profit — gives the option to calculate the partial TP levels based dollar profit. 

  • Cycle Size (in pips, multiplier for ratio and atr, or profit) — Allows you to choose the exact pips, multiplier, or profit based on the cycle mode chosen.

  • Cycle Count — Applies partial close X times. If you set it to 1, it will close a part of your profit at one partial profit level; if 2, it will close at 2 levels, etc. 

  • Close Percent  Close X% of the actual lot size. If you start with 1 lot for 50% close percent from initial base, at first cycle it will close 50% or 0.5 lots, and at next target it will close the remaining 0.5 lots.  

  • Percentage Base - Close percent from: 1) the intial base; OR 2) remaining amount. See image examples. 

  • Breakeven at Cycle Indicates at which cycle EA should move stop loss to a break-even point (open price + few pips to cover commission expenses). Zero value means no break-even. Breakeven at Cycle = 1 means BE after cycle 1.

  • Breakeven adjustment in pips Allows you to adjust the breakeven in pips up or down.

  • Filter (Symbol, Magic Number, Comment, Ticket) — With dropdown menu: None, Equal, Not Equal, Contain, Not Contain. These filters allows you to include (exclude) specific symbols, magic numbers, comments, tickets or parts of them. For example, if you use Symbol=USD, you will trade all USD based symbols. If you choose Magic Numbers = 80260, 40260, you will manage only these magic numbers.

Authors: Blake Rodger (algorithmic trading developer) and Richard Reyes (programmer, software engineer). 

Comentários 1
Mujeeb Abdul
Mujeeb Abdul 2020.06.23 08:57 

Excellent this is much better than other partial profit EA more TPs much more option to do good Programming

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Mujeeb Abdul
Mujeeb Abdul 2020.06.23 08:57 

Excellent this is much better than other partial profit EA more TPs much more option to do good Programming

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Versão 2.5 2020.09.24
- fixed error
Versão 2.4 2020.09.24
- added Preference ID input to allow multiple instances of UPP to run on different charts without conflict. When wanting to run two or more instances of UPP, just put in a different, arbitrary name in each separate Preferance ID field, such as Test1 for the first instance of UPP, Test2 for the second, etc.
Versão 2.2 2020.09.14
- added the ability to visualize partial profit targets on the chart
Versão 2.1 2020.09.11
major upgrade to dashboard:
- changed the look and feel of dashboard to make it more interactive and beautiful
- added symbol switcher: clicking on dashboard symbol switches chart symbol
- added the option to move dashboard to different corners of the screen
- added the possibility of hiding the comment and magic number columns
- dashboard grid can be reordered by any column

major upgrade in charting objects:
- added open order Pip/Profit visual tracking on chart
- added trade management panel to open order, for fast partial closing
- added visualization of stop loss, take profit and open price with distance in Pips/Profit to reach the lines
Versão 1.6 2020.08.07
added additional controls to test EA in StrategyTester
Versão 1.4 2020.07.16
added feature: display can be minimized
Versão 1.3 2020.06.22
minor fixes