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Expert A2SR Reader MT4

Guidance at https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/738504

✔️ The EA that reads A2SR for automatic trading.
 - - This means that - this EA needs technical analysis A2SR to work together in the same chart.

No one can code all people's views completely of  the market into a single program.
* where perfection belongs only to God. 

* Positive energy of your review is the strength for me to continue developing, updating & upgrading this EA - Thank you. 

+ This EA is made with hard work and will always be developed.

  • What can the EA do?
    ver. 3.21

    ¹  Comprehensive analysis to catch trade opportunities on reversals and new trend,

    ²  Ensuring short positions from above, and buying positions from below,
    ³  -  by choosing a starting position as closest as possible to the actual SR.

    ⁴  Simultaneous analysis and trading on 28 currency pairs.

    ⁵  - A2SR Reader EA need only 1 chart to work ✓  - and does not require a time frame.
     - * Whatever time frame you place this EA, the results will remain the same.
     - ( best view in H1 )

    ⁶   Closing positions can be based on the target of each pair
    ⁷   - and also based on the total of all pairs that have positions.

    ⁸  For additional safety in trading, you can choose one of the methods : stop-lossstop-profit, or averaging.
     - default is stop-profit + averaging.

    ⁹  In the averaging method, you can choose an option for the 2nd position to be used for fast exits all positions
     - or even to get more pips.

    ¹⁰ EA will not repeat position for 2nd test in the price area that has previously been used as a trading position.

    ¹¹ There are features for protection against spread and slippage that are not normal when the market is too crowded.

    ¹² If someday you know a direction, in option you can choose : buy or sell only.

  • The author understands quality.
    For sure EA has been built with an efficient concept in the algorithm,
    so that the process of analysis may not overload your computer's CPU.

    Trading at the same time for 28 currency pairs is actually not a small process.
    (reading 30 currency pairs - including USDSEK and EURSEK)
      ✗  Please do not use low-quality computers when running large processes like this EA.

    Minimum system requirements:
    i3 / Ryzen 3 processor/equivalent, apps/data on SSD, 8 GB RAM, OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

  • How to use this EA.
    -- Please follow this steps :

    ¹ Close all charts on MT4 that are not needed.

    ² Open only 1 chart, eg.  EURUSD.

    ³ Load A2SR into the chart using its default options in input parameters,

     - make sure your MT4 has complete data.
    - Use refresh button *30 pairs as necessary in the first time you use this EA on fresh MT4 installation or new trading account.

    - and the last step is to load the EA into the chart where A2SR is working.

  • Trading Account.
    Recommended for ECN or standard account types with a normal spread in regulated brokers.
    A2SR Reader is compatible to FIFO Rules - Netting and Hedge Account.

  • Money Management.
    If you would like to trade 28 currency pairs that is provided in the EA,
    - then the leverage is 1:500 - minimum capital is $300 with lot size 0.01
    - This is equivalent lot 0.1 for capital $3000

    ❝ Please get knowledge how it works in demo account first in a period by use default options. ❞

    This EA can show its best performance when trading 28 currency pairs simultaneously.
    - Because there is a unique feature that is balancing position in a group,
    - for example the Euro group is EURUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF, EURCAD, EURAUD, EURNZD.
    -- EA is working to close all positions in surplus as your target (total pips) in a group of currency pairs,
    -- and/or total pips in surplus as a target from all pairs position.

  • Trading has risks.
    “ All businesses always have risks. ”

    -- The success rate of EA, also depends on:

    ¹ Stability of your computer/VPS
    ² + internet connection,
    ³ Broker conditions, rules & quality of the servers,
    ⁴ + your knowledge for all about money management.

     - Please do not buy an EA if you cannot accept the risk,
     - because you can use your own strategy : manual trading.

Input Parameters

Option Default value Description

Reversal   true  - trade on reversal
Breakouts   true  - trade on breakouts, price correction
Currencies -Allow to trade  USD*EUR*GBP*JPY*CAD*CHF*AUD*NZD  
* No space left - continues here.

Comentários 20
Hoi Ling Chan
Hoi Ling Chan 2020.11.09 14:16 

Very smart and safe EA. Love it!

Lianggono Tejo Bunarto
Lianggono Tejo Bunarto 2020.11.06 17:13 

This EA is by far among one of the Safest methods of Algorithm out here in MQL5. I am very pleased so far with the results. Looking forward to a very long term track record with it.

NguyenNPro 2020.10.16 06:47 

EA rất khả quan ,tôi đánh giá cao quá trình hoạt động của nó , mong yohana sẽ có những cập nhật quan trọng để phát triển nó hơn nữa

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Super grid nineth (ninth) generation is another grid type EA on this huge forex system population, this EA not using any indicator to avoid any fake signaling to open or closing position orders. This EA will open pending order stop and limit in the first time EA run, then maintain all opened order with unique way to balancing account free margin and make equity growth. This EA have unique system not like anyother grid EA, with correct setup and run on max 3 pairs in one account, this EA capable
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  DOIT LASER  🚀  Trades Using the Signals of the PipFinite Trend PRO Indicator  👍 To use the PipFinite Trend PRO indicator, you need to Buy this indicator (or you have already bought it before  🔎  ) 🔥 The system uses a filter for the number of profitable positions, profit ratio, chance of getting a profitable position 💰 🔥 The Robot can perform Trailing based on the TP1, TP2 indicator levels, or use a fixed profit for Trailing 🚀 🔥 The system has a fixed StopLoss level, but it is also cap
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Ichimoku Trend Demo
Augustine Kamatu
This is a demo version of the EA   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52021 Check out other great products from  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/augustinekamatu/seller   The EA analyses multiple currencies and multiple time frames and picks the best entry points based on the trends observed in the standard Ichimoku indicator. It will look for quick exits where the trend changes. All exits are purposely designed to be with some profit at most times. The EA has in built margin protection t
Minner Pro EA
Lai Thi Tuyet Mai
Miner Pro EA is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders when the requirements are met. It uses an advanced technology to place orders in the right time with the right lot. This robot is designed for beginners yet expert traders: Most of the inner parameters are hidden from user so that even a beginner will not mess up. You can download this Ea and back-test. I personally used a 99.9% real tick data for back-testing for an accurate resu
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Master Closing Orders
Denis Bogdanov
This software is designed for quick and easy closing of orders. It allows to select between opposite and standard closing of orders. When closing by an opposite order, we do not care re-quotes and slow broker execution. Closing by virtual StopLoss and TakeProfit or using a virtual panel. Flexible configuration and versatility. It is implemented as an additional panel with user friendly interface. The EA will be useful when used correctly, please read carefully the description of the buttons and
Catcher trend
Aleh Rabtsau
The Expert Advisor very accurately determines the trend! Signals are generated based on the values of the indicator WATR, two Moving Averages' crossing, and MACD. The EA has numerous flexible settings, including the ones allowing you to customize the indicators and select appropriate risks! It is better to trade on higher timeframes as the trend is more stable and clearly visible. Try not to take serious risks as it may lead to losses. Attention! The cost of the EA can be increased after every f
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MetaScalper performs well when the market moves fast and decisively. Pending orders are opened on almost every candle (in the direction dictated by a set of indicators and at the start of each One Hour candle) and in a manner dictated by the sensitivity algorithm. If the market is slow and indecisive, pending orders will be placed further away from price action and vice versa. Opening pending orders is scrutinized by the same sensitivity algorithm and if conditions are not favorable, a pending o
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Dashboard Extreme TMA System
Wang Yu
提供专业的EA编程服务,推出特色仪表盘EA编程,将您的交易策略自动化,可视化,一个图表管理多个交易货币对,详情查看: http://www.ex4gzs.com  Providing quick Developments and Conversion of MT4/MT5 EAs, Indicators, Scripts, and Tools. If you are looking for an Dashboard EA to turn your trading strategy into auto trading algo and to manage multi trades in one chart with visualizing tool, come and visit http://www.ex4gzs.com/en for more details. 如果产品有任何问题或者您需要在此产品上添加功能,请联系我 Contact/message me if you encounter any issue using the product or need extra featur
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R Levels Trade Manager
Snapdragon Systems Ltd
Introduction The SDS_TradeManager EA is a powerful EA designed to manage your positions once you have been filled. It basically works a break-even stop and also a trailing stop where the trigger levels and trail levels are all specified in "R's", that is to say multiples of the initial trade risk. Many successful professional traders think about all their trades and profit taking in terms of multiples of the initial risk R. So for example, if your initial risk on your trade is 50 pips and you w
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提供专业的EA编程服务,推出特色仪表盘EA编程,将您的交易策略自动化,可视化,一个图表管理多个交易货币对,详情查看: http://www.ex4gzs.com  Providing quick Developments and Conversion of MT4/MT5 EAs, Indicators, Scripts, and Tools. If you are looking for an Dashboard EA to turn your trading strategy into auto trading algo and to manage multi trades in one chart with visualizing tool, come and visit http://www.ex4gzs.com/en for more details. 如果产品有任何问题或者您需要在此产品上添加功能,请联系我 Contact/message me if you encounter any issue using the product or need extra featur
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DAX Scalping Bracket
Chantal Sala
Dax Scalping Bracket is a new generation Expert Advisor Panel. This a very professional tool for SCALPING. The usability makes this tool an excellent ally for FAST operations of SCALPING on Index instruments and Forex market. The main feature of this EA is the ability to open multiple operations with a single click. Each position is autonomous and you can set different take profit and stop loss for each position. Special functionalities: STOP MOVE to manage your stop chasing the price BREAK EVEN
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MT4 to Tlgrm
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Do not use Windows 7 with this EA MT4toTLGRM EA only sends text messages from Metatrader4 to a Telegram group or channel of your choice. From version 4.00 it sends messages to Twitter and Facebook. The messages are customizable to show information about any trading activity in the account. Also it shows a daily PnL report. Several instances of this EA can be used simultaneously in the same MT4 terminal for sending messages to different Telegram group/channel but ensure that each one has a diffe
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Andrey Barinov
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Ultimate Trailing Stop EA
This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with trailing stops based on 12 methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-San, and Alligator . The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close. Visualize all orders and their trailing stop levels in a sophisticat
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Forward Alert To Telegram
Trinh Dat
The Expert Advisor will help you forward all alert from  MetaTrader 4 to Telegram channel/ group.  All alert must save to folder <Data folder>MQL4\Files\Alerts\ , text file with format *.txt and screenshot with format *.png. Parameters Telegram Bot Token   - create bot on Telegram and get token. Telegram Chat ID    - input your Telegram   user ID,   group /   channel ID Forward Alert - default true, to forward alert. Send message as caption of Screenshot - default false, set true to send messa
100 USD
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader
Nguyen Van Anh
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader EA  help you trade Text & Image format  signals  receiving via Telegram Channels, groups, chats You don't need to be the owner of the channels. If you can read the signal texts in your Telegram account, you can trade them all The EA needs a free  awesome tool -  Telegram Reader Vx program  that help read the texts from Telegram channels through Telegram API. HOW TO SET UP Read the   user guide here   to know how to set up and   understand how the EA works . * MAIN FE
149 USD
Auto Trade Driver
Vu Trung Kien
Auto Trade Driver é uma ferramenta poderosa automática (executar como Expert Advisor) que ajuda a gerenciar as ordens de controle e risco e maximizar o seu lucro com regras de multi proteção/trailing-stop. Esta ferramenta é muito útil aos scalpers e aos seguidores de tendência. Além de calcular o risco exato do trade, também protege e maximiza seus lucros em tempo real. Com esta ferramenta, a única coisa que você precisa fazer é entrar com a sua própria estratégia de negociação, então o aplicati
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GTC Panel
Artyom Simonenko
Trading information panel for fast trading on the Forex, CFD and Futures markets! Application features You can instantly send buy or sell market orders with specified volumes and also close positions with a single click. Language support: Russian, English 5 types of Trailing Stop ( Manual, Volatility, Fractals, Parabolic, BarExtrimum) 3 types of lot calculation ( Manual, percentage of deposit, percentage of the Stop Loss level) Preliminary data on the potential profit (or loss) Automatic adjustm
209.99 USD
Market Pressure Dashboard
Chantal Sala
Market Pressure Dashboard is a new generation utility. Its main function is to assist you and give you operational ideas optimizing your analytical work. Using this utility you could monitor a lots of financial instruments (max 28 symbols FOREX) in a very simple way. The Market Pressure indicator allows you to customize the internal list of the symbols to be monitored. The opening function and position management with this panel will be much more comfortable and navigation charts very powerful.
100 USD
Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
Trade Copier Pro é uma ferramenta poderosa para copiar remotamente comércio entre multi-contas em diferentes locais mais internet. Esta é uma solução ideal para provedor de sinais, que querem compartilhar seu comércio com os outros no mundo todo em suas próprias regras. Um provedor pode copiar comércios de multi-receptores e um receptor pode obter comércio de multi-fornecedores também. Provedor e receptor pode gerenciar sua lista de parceiros com potência sistema de gestão de banco de dados buil
149 USD
MT4 Telegram Signal Provider
Nguyen Van Anh
* PRINCIPALES CARACTERÍSTICAS: Envíe sus señales a MUCHOS CANALES: canales de telegramas múltiples, correo electrónico y envíe notificaciones push al terminal móvil Escanee los pedidos muy RÁPIDO: escanee en segundos, no en ticks Enviar información de TODOS LOS TIPOS DE PEDIDOS: Abrir (incluidas las órdenes pendientes), cancelar, cerrar (incluido el% de cierre parcial), desencadenar y modificar órdenes FILTRAR las órdenes de envío por: Tipos de orden (pendiente, activada, modificada, cerrada)
100 USD
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
299 USD
Rimantas Petrauskas
MyMT4Book provides instant MetaTrader 4 account analysis by Magic Number, Trade Comment or Symbol. MyMT4Book was built to analyze MetaTrader accounts and do it in seconds. With MyMT4Book you can get trade statistics fast and right on your MetaTrader 4 chart window. To test the indicator download FREE DEMO version here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/14802 The main idea of the indicator is to monitor and choose winning strategies when you use many strategies on the same MetaTrader 4 accou
149 USD
BlueDigitsFx Command Center
Ziggy Janssen
*All In One Trading Utility, Breakthrough solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! Message Me Immediately After Purchase For Installation Help and V.I.P Access With Additional Strategies BlueDigitsFx Explains How To Use The Command Center In Detail :  https://youtu.be/rNZlrFMDHy8 BlueDigitsFx's Command Center Is An All in 1 Utility with a variety of options to work with. Telegram Channel & Group  here Taking High Probability Trading Decisions with PERFECT Risk Management Made Easy.
197 USD
Infinity TradeUtility TL
Evgenii Aksenov
Buy this EA gives you the right to get the second EA for free:     https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/740436 Only 10 copies for $125 (next price --> $149  --> $199) The Utility for managing orders in manual/semi-automatic/automatic modes by INFINITY TrendLine PRO indicator signals Our other programs:   here The User's manual: here RECOMMENDATION Symbols       Any pairs: FX, Metals, Coins, CFD, Index Timeframe     M15-D1   Minimum deposit         1 00 usd  Promo of Month   Buy One -->
125 USD
PZ Trade Manager Pro
Arturo Lopez Perez
Este é um painel de negociação visual que ajuda você a realizar e gerenciar operações facilmente, evitando erros humanos e aprimorando sua atividade comercial. Ele combina uma interface visual fácil de usar com uma abordagem sólida de gerenciamento de riscos e posições. [ Guia de instalação | Guia de atualização | Solução de problemas | FAQ | Todos os produtos ] Surpreendentemente fácil de usar Negocie facilmente a partir do gráfico Negocie com gerenciamento preciso de riscos, sem complicações
99 USD
Best Price Method for MT4
Eduardo Kipper
Este Painel também é um Expert Advisor com envio manual e automático de ordens. Essa foi a forma que eu encontrei de vencer o meu principal inimigo, a ansiedade. Não se iluda, estude, analise, adapte esse método ao seu estilo próprio, entenda, sinta o mercado antes de tomar qualquer decisão. Aqui, em muitas das vezes, não fazer nada, também é uma estratégia. Além do modo manual, semiautomático e automático de operar, nós veremos quase 300 robôs que varrem o mercado 24h por dia incansavelmente.
250 USD
YuClusters for MT4
Yury Kulikov
Cluster analysis of volumes is now available in MetaTrader 4! The YuСlusters indicator is a professional tool for analyzing the trading volumes. The cluster graph is plotted based on tick data. There are 6 criteria of cluster generation: Time interval , the criterion is set in seconds. Price range , the criterion is set in points. The current cluster is closed when the deal price goes beyond the specified price range. In that case, the current deal is included in the current cluster, while the n
125 USD
Forex Market View Dashboard and CSM
Opengates Success International
Full Forex Market View Dashboard is a custom indicator created to give the Traders a full view of what is going on in the market. It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make a successful trading. Before attaching this Indicator to your window chart, go to your MT4's Market Watch panel and HIDE all the Currency pairs you don't need or trade and leave the rest there. The reason is that FFMV Dashboard will DISPLAY ALL the Currency pairs that app
160 USD
Mission Automate MT4
Andrey Barinov
This is a visual strategy builder . The way it is supposed to be. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution , strategy tester and cloud optimization . This utility does NOT work in the strategy tester. The DEMO version is here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30172 More information about the product, inc
199 USD
Andrey Khatimlianskii
What is TradeBooster? TradeBooster  is a tool that allows you to speed up sending multiple trade orders to the trade server. You will be able to send trade requests using all trade contexts of the terminal, thus reducing the sending time by several (up to 8) times. This may not be vital if you only hold open one or two positions. But you will immediately see the difference in speed if you, for example, decide to delete 50 pending orders placed by a grid Expert Advisor or close 25 positions. Impo
99 USD
Marvel Hanjani
MTGPricePanel is an indicator that can help you monitor the price movement. Equipped with the opening price, monitoring the spread, last price, and daily changes. You can enter up to 19 symbols at once. Main Features: show Open Price Show Spread Show Last Price Show Broker Time Show Daily Change or Change% Customizable Color supports all suffix for currency MTGPricePanel currently only supports currency and some commodities, and also does not support 4 digit brokers
100 USD
Pearl Diver
Oles Filonenko
This is a powerful streaming system of tools for technical analysis; it can be used for build trading strategies. A specially selected set of internal modules provides wide target functionality for trading, from intraday trading to the long-term strategic positioning. In general, the system represents one of the implementations of ideas and principles described in the article at https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/1350 . Let us consider the composition of the modules: Murray square 8x8 with the Gan
220 USD
News Trader Pro
Vu Trung Kien
News Trader Pro é um robô único que permite a negociação com notícias pela sua estratégia pré-definida. Ele carrega pedaços de notícias de vários sites populares de Forex. Você pode escolher qualquer notícia e programar a estratégia para negociar, então o News Trader Pro vai operar com essa notícia através de uma estratégia selecionada automaticamente quando a notícia for publicada. As notícias dão a oportunidade de ter pips desde que o preço tenha um grande movimento com a publicação. Agora, co
299 USD
FX Seal Panel
FX Seal
FX Seal Panel is a One-Click-Trading Expert Advisor which helps you to control your trading in up to 6 instruments at once. It has three different tabs: Trades, Grids and Closes Trades tab allows you to open a Buy or a Sell order with one click, setting the StopLoss and TakeProfit to a fixed number of points, or to the High/Low of the last X bars. It also allows you to Reverse the position (if you are Long you'll be Short with the same volume and vice versa), or to Close All the positions and or
99 USD
Mais do autor
Automated Actual Support Resistance A2SR
Yohana Parmi
A. What is A2SR ? -- Full guidance : -- at   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734748/page4#comment_16532516 -- and  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/yohana/blog A2SR has a special technique in determining the levels of Support ( demand ) and Resistance ( supply ) . Unlike the ordinary way that we seen on the net, A2SR has a original concept in determining actual SR levels. The original technique was not taken from the internet, and it has never been published on the internet either. A2SR will
250 USD
SR Key Breakout and Jump Levels
Yohana Parmi
Key Breakout and Jump/Fall levels. No lagging. No repaint. Trend line is useful for detecting pattern, which is intended for the triangle pattern, Support & Resistance lines, and as a breakout up or down line.  The trend lines are formed first before the price of the pair reach it. So it does not repaint.  Each line has a description, such as Support, Resistance, Current-Support as key breakout down, and Current-Resistance as a key breakout up.  Each broke out line turns into a new support or re
30 USD
A2SR MT5 Automated Actual Support and Resistance
Yohana Parmi
A. What is A2SR ? A2SR is a leading indicator , has special technique in determining the levels of Support (demand) and Resistance (supply) . Leading indicator is prepare all actual SR levels before price reach there . Unlike the ordinary way that we seen on the net, A2SR has a original concept for determining SR levels. The original technique was not taken from the internet , and it has never been published on the internet either. A2SR will auto select the SR level according to your trading sty
150 USD
Trading Planner Semi Automated EA
Yohana Parmi
Semi Automated EA for working as your trading assistant. Overview Trading planner will make you act like professional traders in real markets. Before entering markets, they make a plan for their trades, screening out all opportunities in all time frames. Trading Planner can be used for all Time Frames (M1 ~ MN). Simply draw trendline as a trend and Support/Resistance . At this version , market opportunities will be taken by trendline using strategy of 1, 2, 3 . Simply draw the trendline by defin
143 USD
Market Sentiment and Sideways level
Yohana Parmi
Ideally, this is we hope : The good numbers on news should make the related currency become stronger, and the bad numbers on news should make the related currency become weaker. But the fact is: The good numbers on news that has been written on the economic news calendar could not always instantly make the related currency become stronger. and vice versa, the bad numbers could not always instantly make the related currency become weaker. Before placing new position: We need to know which actuall
58 USD
Trades Manager MT4
Yohana Parmi
What Trades Manager can do for your trades . Collect all order positions into one chart (pict. 1). All orders will be grouped by pair symbol , sum of order positions, lots, running pips, and profit/losses. All orders will be summarized and displayed at the bottom of the panel. You can set target profit, stop loss and placing stop-profit automatically to each order (pict. 4). From one chart, it will be easier to monitor and manage all orders without moving to another chart. The green color is sur
83 USD
Leading Arrow MT4
Yohana Parmi
Leading Arrow It is a leading indicator .  not repaint , and  not lagging . In response to many people's requests for the need for indicators that appear simple, and just presented as arrows in the analysis of market direction. This indicator is in no way using the old-fashioned method as a known in technical based on moving averages, etc. Even though it's very complicated in programming but the result is just simply summarized in the form of arrows . This is provided for traders who understa
98 USD
Frank Paetsch
Frank Paetsch 2020.08.04 20:06 

Very good. Thank you Yohana

Tasnaiea 2020.08.05 17:38 

EA works well.Thank Yohana for continue develop and good support.

pipsoffury 2020.08.07 07:01 

She knows the internal structure of the markets and the EA reflects this. The support is rare. IMHO, the multi-pair trade management which balances the positions to minimize/offset the losses is the secret sauce.

Paulus Nangoy
Paulus Nangoy 2020.08.07 14:02 

No doubt another great product from the author, one of the best EA in the market.

RIZA DOEK 2020.08.18 18:00 

Great Product. Thank you so much Yohana !!

Thuz Raknak
Thuz Raknak 2020.08.19 14:17 

Great EA. support team and Yohana are the best.

Hanxyork 2020.08.19 21:22 

This EA works reading the Automated Actual Support Resistance A2SR indicator and based on this data the EA execute orders automatically on the selected pairs (simultaneously), only one chart is needed. Due the number of operations made by this EA in order to get good results a fast computer or VPS with decent available memory and a fast internet connection are a must. This product has safety features. I purchased these two products and I am satisfied with the results. As an example, this morning the A2SR Reader (EA) opened 5 orders between 10:01 and 10:02 New York Time, the results were 4 wins with a total of 61 pips and one trade is still running. The developer (Yohana) continues adding new features to this EA in order to provide more options for the different trading styles. Great support is provided also. The author reflects integrity and professionalism. Yohana Thank you very much.

Crumsy 2020.08.21 02:45 

EA made it first trades yesterday on multiple pairs, EA is constructed well and I expect it will be as awesome as the indicator, thank you Yohana, great work.

Seyed Mani Ashraf Pour Shoshtar
Seyed Mani Ashraf Pour Shoshtar 2020.08.26 23:01 

first 3 days of using, 5 lost with negative -500, they hit my SL and couple trades with small profit . big DD with right money managment, so i am not satify with performance of this EA so far.

masikaa 2020.09.01 13:15 

The best & very useful

sudhindra 2020.08.19 08:41 

Changing my feedback. This was one week wonder. Will change my feedback if i see improvement. Kindly don't use it for all 28 pairs. Even default pairs with 50% capital is not good according to me. Support from Author in terms of providing live account signal is non existent. She points to a paid signal from her follower. How can we check trade details without coughing up 30 dollars?

linkandpia 2020.09.08 18:07 

The ea does not reflect the indicator at all. It might start out with reading the indicator, but if it is a loser. It doesn’t close. It keeps the trade open. And then does 2 things. First. Use a grid fixed lot size for the current open signal , then waits for new trades to happen. So that the collective can be managed in profit. Thing is , it can turn ugly very fast , and you can stay in an extended draw down for a very long time. And that is not what is needed from the ea reader. You need a reader that acts , with a stop loss. If it goes wrong. There will be many situations. Where the indicator on the same pair says trend down and advising a selll. While the ea reader. Is still with a buy ( and maybe a grid buy ) from an old trade that same symbol. The indicator itself is wonderful. But the ea reader is far away from being ready.

hassantiger 2020.09.10 00:36 

I was hoping for a better performance after a long wait. There are losing floating deals for little profit. I hope that the situation will improve in the future.

jdroid 2020.09.12 02:00 

This EA has been profitable overall over the past month - using all default settings (except FIFO=true), and sometimes another pair or 2 than the author has set by default (about 9). For that alone it deserves 4 stars, since it's rare to find an EA that can be profitable - especially under typically tough Aug/Sept market conditions. The downside is it will sometimes go into draw down of several hundred pips, incrementing grid orders along the way, so you have to manage the number of pairs and lot sizes accordingly for your account to be able to handle that. I also believe that this EA was designed to work best with default settings and changing them can get you into trouble if you don't know exactly what you're doing or how the EA works - much of the feedback seems to support that. If you just let this EA run and do it's thing with default settings, it seems like it will continue to be profitable in the long run. If you like to watch every trade it takes and how it's doing all day long, it will probably stress you out.

James Tse
James Tse 2020.09.11 10:57 

1. The EA is using the indicator A2SA to develop strategies for trading. So newcomer should purchase A2SA before using this one. 2. The EA comprises at least 5 types of strategy, Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C, NTA/NTB. Users can select which they want in the settings. 3. After an position is open, the EA may add multiple positions according to the user setting. Author calls them averaging/backup positions. 4. GBP is not recommended at the time being. 5. Default setting enable trading on less than 10 forex pairs. Some claims that trading on all pairs are good. Some says that only limited pairs can achive good result. 6. Some says different brokers yield to different results. 7. Author keeps updating the EA, and discussions are active. 8. Users have to set the TP target for each pair, but it seems that such settings are only enabled in case of Rev.A, Rev.B, Rev.C. Moreover, there is a setting of stop loss for total open positions. When such stop loss is hit, all open positions are closed. 9. A lot of discussions about the DD due to multiple positions. 10. Due to the complexity of the EA, some say backtesting is not available for it. My personal views: I think the descriptions on the settings and trading strategies needs to be clear, in paticular, the multiple positions and stop loss settings - when and how will they be applied?. Selections of trading pairs may be tricky. Using multiple positions seems to be aggressive, although you may finally recover losses. Not yet profitable in my case (over 3 weeks, trading on all pairs at beginning, now trading on less than 10 pairs without using multiple positions) but I will keep trying.

Augus Widjaja
Augus Widjaja 2020.10.07 06:51 

I have had great results. In August this EA made a profit of 6.14% and September a profit of 9.21%. I am satisfied with this result, specially for tough market in end august and september. The strategy matches with my trading type. Thank you Yohana, I hope you always continue to develop this EA.

NguyenNPro 2020.10.16 06:47 

EA rất khả quan ,tôi đánh giá cao quá trình hoạt động của nó , mong yohana sẽ có những cập nhật quan trọng để phát triển nó hơn nữa

Lianggono Tejo Bunarto
Lianggono Tejo Bunarto 2020.11.06 17:13 

This EA is by far among one of the Safest methods of Algorithm out here in MQL5. I am very pleased so far with the results. Looking forward to a very long term track record with it.

Hoi Ling Chan
Hoi Ling Chan 2020.11.09 14:16 

Very smart and safe EA. Love it!

akaziaa 2020.12.08 10:16 

The EA makes a good entry, but when it goes backwards it looks for an escape exit by grit trading. If the price doesn't return, you'll lose everything.

Responder ao comentário
Versão 3.31 2020.10.04
Minor fix for closing trading positions simultaneously at the same time.
Versão 3.30 2020.08.31
Requested by my valued customers.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Added new feature: Automatic lot size.

The lot size will be calculated automatically based on:
1. Capital, and what percentage of capital is allocated for trading.
- Default is 50%
2. How many currency pairs,
3. Estimates on averaging,
4. Types of market conditions: Normal, Hard, Extreme.
- Default is hard.

The initial lot size is displayed on the screen.

Opening and closing position for transaction code "NTA & NTB" will be better.

Thank you.
Versão 3.25 2020.08.26
Due to experiencing false breakouts on August 26, 2020,
which resulted in trading positions being hit to SL, then:

Feature: "Breakout #B" - trade code "DTR" (with stop-loss) has been removed. (during I fixing this feature).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Users requires update 3.25
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please I do apologize,
How sad my heart is to experience market conditions at the end of this August.
- I do everything to keep developing this EA to be better in the future.

Thank you.
Versão 3.24 2020.08.20
Important update to fix GBPUSD in reading key S/R levels in NY session.

Breakouts #B:
Code in trade comments: "DTR"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
User requires update 3.24
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I apologize for the inconvenience, but today I managed to find a bug and I've fixed it, immediately.
-- Thank you.
Versão 3.23 2020.08.16
Added a specific feature for:
- The number of trades has the potential to increase.
- Requires A2SR v. 9.18

- Breakouts #B - default is true.
- Use stop-loss ? - No = Averaging. default is true.

The "Aggressive" feature is under development and testing.
Please wait for next update.

Thank you.
Versão 3.22 2020.08.12
1. Added feature: "Hunting GBPUSD"
- The number of trades has the potential to increase.
- In this version, TP and SL are set automatically by EA.
- Please don't change the target manually.

2. Requested by my valued customer.
- Status the EA is working or not.

Thank you.
Versão 3.21 2020.08.07
Requested by my valued customer in the US who use FIFO rules.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>> Add new feature for FIFO Rules <<

* The author hasn't been able to find this function in MT4:

then please select "true" for FIFO Rules in the option - Input Parameter.
-- FIFO Rules (Netting account) - default is "false"
-- Lot step (increments) - default is 0.01

A2SR Reader will do this work when you select "true" for FIFO.

- A -
1. In the first position in each currency pair, the lot size used is the default starting lot.
2. If A2SR Reader has to do averaging, then
-- in the second position and so on will use the last lot size that has been used + lot step (increments).

For example, the default is 0.01 and the lot step is 0.01:
Position 1 = 0.01 and then for position 2 is 0.02

- B -
When A2SR Reader will open a new position,
where another position in the opposite direction is still there,
then A2SR Reader will close the old position first before opening a new position.

As an example:
Currently running 1 Sell position.
Before the Sell position reaches the target, A2SR Reader finds a Buy signal.
Then A2SR Reader will close the Sell position first before opening a Buy position.

- C -
A2SR Reader will close trading positions sequentially starting from the earliest opened
- the oldest positions will be closed first.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Only those of you who use FIFO rules need update to version 3.21
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thank you.
Versão 3.20 2020.08.05
Fix update for Reversal technique & Breakouts
for better initial position and also better in closing total trades.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Currency Density (40) & Market Density (800)
>> now automatic determined by A2SR Reader.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Users required to receive update: version 3.20
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Versão 3.19 2020.08.03
Today, A2SR Reader opens simultaneously new positions on 2 pairs, Sell USDCAD and Buy GBPUSD.
As I write this, all positions are in surplus with a total of +45 pips.

Bug found - Stop-profit does not work :
If there are 2 pairs open, the feature : Stop-Profit does not work on one pair.

MT4 Tester cannot open 2 pair positions at once, so this problem is only known during live trading.

Because one pair does not have a safety stop-profit, then please you can close the position manually while now the total profit is +45 pips.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please update version 3.19 to fix this bug.
Thank you.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Versão 3.18 2020.08.02
! Important update:

1. Version 3.17 - protection for transactions is still inactive for debugging purposes.
-- (during I testing a feature: Reversal #C)

-- Please, I am sorry.

2. Version 3.18 has activated a protection before opening a new position.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Users are required to update version 3.18
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Versão 3.17 2020.08.02
Activating features:
- Reversal #C

A2SR Reader waits at the highest and lowest peak of the day to get the best position opportunity.

Style applied:
- Swing.