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MBfx Neural Adaptive MT4 EA
Max Brown
This EA uses advanced machine learning auto-adapting methods to drive trading performance; methods that have been researched and developed for well over 15 years.   Each FX pair has between five and ten machines learning algorithms driving 20 to 50 algorithmic models per pair.   This is a true  A.I.   Driven Dynamic Strategy Selection EA therefore this is formidable and a trading Gem.   It is a prized jewel that has been placed atop my personal treasure hoard of prized trading algorithms but n
599.99 USD
Edge of the Dragon
Max Brown
An expert advisor that will support your portfolio in the long term!!!   It is fully automated EA for several timeframes which uses a number of Technical, Fibonacci and Elliot Wave studies to determine the key turning points of price.  The Advisor then places stop-orders at these levels.  With an optimizable fixed stop-loss of 90 pips and a profit target of 140 pips. This advisor is designed to run on the H1 GBPJPY and uses time tested techniques to open orders AND CAN RUN VERY WELL ON MANY O
99.99 USD