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RepliTrades Trader

This is a system consistent of 2 components:

  • RepliTrades Source: It sends the trades to one or more terminals into the same Computer
  • RepliTrades Trader: It trades the orders sent by RepliTrades Source 

 Please watch the video to learn how it works and use it.


  • Manage up to 300 trades at same time in each terminal.
  • Work with any broker, no matter if uses suffix or prefix in symbols names.
  • Replicate pending orders (limits or stops orders) or direct trades (market orders, etc) and its modifications (partial close, stop loss, size or take profit).
  • Avoid the accidental auto replication of trades due a system that prevents that both components of the system work in the same platform, or run more than 1 instance of this expert in the same platform.
To make the system work you need to download the free Replitrades Source indicator.
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Versão 2.2 2014.12.22
Modified to comply with 765 Build