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Core FRX

Expert system Core FRX works with 5-digit quotes. For its own needs, the bot downloads historical data online, creating its own database. Does not use the history stored in the database for work. The expert is very easy to manage, no need to set up, set and work.

  • OnComment - display a comment on the screen (slows down the tester).
  • OnWithdrawal - simulate withdrawal of profit when earnings are 100% (it works during testing).
  • TypeFilling - set the order execution policy.
  • Lot - lot size for entering the market.
  • Risk - calculate a lot from a deposit.
  • Drawdown - the maximum drawdown at which closure occurs.
  • MaxSpread - the maximum allowable spread at which you can still enter the market.
  • CountSteck - the value of the stacks of ticks (maximum 9).
  • ReOptimization is a period of cyclical optimization.
  • CountTick - the number of ticks in the database for analysis.
  • MinPick - tick tick of the price (sensitivity of a single tick).
  • StepPips - step for a series of pulses (stack depth).
  • MaxPips - input per pulse or counter.
  • TP - desired take profit (adjusted by an expert).
  • SL - desired stop loss (adjusted by an expert).
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