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Average Profit Loss


Support to visualize average price when you have multiple entries. This tool will show separately average price of buy and sell, and one for both buy and sell. You can base on the average prices to manage orders easier.

You will have 4 lines:

- Buy Average line, if having Buy positions.

- Sell Average line, if having Sell positions.

- Zero line, Average price of both Buy and Sell, if having Buy and Sell positions. When Bid reach to this line, floating profit/loss is zero.

- Delta line, estimate profit/loss to the average price. Depend on opening entries:

  1. If having both Buy and Sell position, Delta line show profit/loss to Zero line.
  2. If having only Buy position, Delta line show profit/loss to Buy Average line.
  3. If having only Sell position, Delta line show profit/loss to Sell Average line.

If volume of Buy and Sell are equal, Zero line and Delta line will invisible, at bottom right of chart will show value of max profit/min loss, depend on the positions. Because on this case, the profit/loss now is fixed, it changed by spread only.

Additionally, you can drag yourself Delta line to estimate profit/loss at other quote price, instantly.

Input Parameters

Include Commission & Swap, default: true
Include Pending Order(s), default: false
Buy Average Color, default: Green
Sell Average Color, default: Red
Zero Color: default: Blue Violet
Delta Color: default Magenta


Feel free to contact me on telegram: https://t.me/NguyenVanMeo

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