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Moving Average Acceleration

Forex Indicator MA Acceleration for MT4, No Repaint.

MA Acceleration - is scalping indicator, designed as auxiliary indicator for MA SPEED (this is my another product)

I offer you to upgrade your trading methods with new indicator for MT4: MA Acceleration  (MA - moving average).

  • The calculation of this indicator is based on equations from physics. It will show you the acceleration of moving average line. 
  • There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade even standard strategies with MA Acceleration. It is possible to use for SMA, EMA and LWMA.
  • Indicator set up is very easy.
  • MA Acceleration indicator shows how fast MA Speed indicator changing its values.
  • If MA Acceleration indicator's value is < 0: MA speed is increasing in bearish direction; if MA acceleration indicator's value is > 0: MA speed is increasing in bullish direction
  • It is recommended to use MA Acceleration indicator in Scalping strategies in the direction of main trend together with MA Speed indicator, if MA speed indicator's value is < 0: trend goes down; if MA speed indicator's value is > 0: trend goes up.
  • Up trend: once MA Acceleration >0 open long scalping order.
  • Down trend: once MA Acceleration <0 open short scalping order.
This indicator is working with "Close" price values.
Timeframe - any.

Trading pair - any.


1) Period_V: period of corresponding MA Speed indicator. Recommended values are 3 to 7.

2) Period_ACC: period of acceleration. Recommended values are 2 to 12. Indicator's sensitivity increasing when Period_ACC is lower and vice versa.

3) Period_MA: period of MA (acceleration of this MA will be calculated).

4) MA_type: 0 - SMA, 1 - EMA, 2 - LWMA.

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