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Longterm Profit ,Gain Over Market, Within 10 years Trade 273 times Win Trade  97.8%(267 times) Loss Trade 2.2%(6 times)

Only invest 3000 USD (Initial Capital) + 300 USD(Buy this EA) then pay back within 6-7 months.

The LongRunFX EA works with trend and statistics over 20 years.It quickly takes profit compared with stop loss point.

Let see backtest from 2010-2019 in the screenshot picture you will see .

- From start 3000 USD in 10 years gain over 46,000 USD (Set Lot = 1 standard lot )  2nd screenshot

- From start 3000 USD in 10 years gain over 116,000 USD (Set Lot = Auto) 1st screenshot

- The LongRunFX EA always make profit.

- The LongRunFX EA make less mistake a year.(From 2010-2019 only 6 times because The EA takes profit quickly.)

Suitable for invester need low risk investment , profit better than  stock or saving a lot.

-Other currency pairs can not  be used with this EA because of different parameters.

- EA for other currency pairs with their parameters  will be released for new EA products, if  this LongRunFX has  good feedback.

How to use  LongRunFx

 1. Input lot size  = 0.01 and select LotAutoManual = AUTO,  The EA will automatically calculate the best for your equity fund.

 2. or Input lot size  what you want  and  select LotAutoManual = MANUAL (Suggest not exceed 1 standard lot per 3000 USD equity fund)


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