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Today Indicator Description :

Today Indicator is professional oscillator , can show you today trend and movement direction.

Before use any kind of strategy, you must know daily direction, Today indicator help you to find out daily movement, and predict next move for remain hours of today.

How does Today Indicator work :

This indicator will calculate speed and accelerate of price movement in each candle, base of all calculations are daily open price, if speed and acceleration be positive, indicator show it by blue color, and if its be negative so we have red histogram.

Whats is text guide note :

You can see text on oscillator , middle of each day, this text will show you Today Is Buy Time or Today Is Sell Time,

This text will appear middle of each day, and decide about next prediction according to analysis half day.

How to use it in daily trading :

  • If you detect sharp blue histogram in positive side, its good time to entry in buy direction.
  • If you detect sharp red histogram in negative side, its good time to entry in sell direction.

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