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GAP Grid Robot

Often after the weekend, a price GAP appears on the chart. In more than 95% of cases, the price quickly returns to the Friday closing level.

The EA determines the GAP and opens orders in the direction of closing the GAP.

  • high probability of profitable trades
  • using a grid of orders to increase profits
  • setting order volumes
  • hidden stop loss and take profit
  • managing the grid of orders as a single position

EA settings

  • StartTrading, EndTrading - trading time. Trading time is limited to exclude the opening of orders during the day during the news
  • Lot - lot size
  • LotMultiplier - lot increase ratio when using a grid of orders
  • OrdersStep - step of the grid of orders
  • MaxOrders - number of orders
  • Min_GAP_size - minimum gap size for opening an order
  • TakeProfitPercent - used to calculate take profit as a percentage of the size of the gap
  • StopLoss - stop loss of a position
  • Trailing - enable trailing stop
  • Trailing_Start - start trailing
  • Trailing_Distance - distance to price
  • Trailing_Step - trailing step
  • BreakEven - enable breakeven
  • BreakEven_Profit - profit at which the order is transferred to breakeven
  • BreakEven_Fix - Number of pips for fixing profit
  • MagicNumber - magic number of orders

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