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Budget MA Bot


Expert adviser Budget MA Bot - Fully automatic Forex robot, very much basic functionality and easy to setup. Buy/sell entry signals generated by one standard trend indicator Moving Average. Open order are closed by opposite signal when it emerges. Execution once per signal change which means a new signal take place when price crosses above/below Moving average.

Automatic assigned magic number which means that the adviser assigns a new magic number for each new currency pair you trade and this magic will be static and never change even if you restart terminal or remove adviser from chart. It's also possible to set your own desired magic number of course.

On screen display which shows current account status such as server time,balance,equity and margin

Minimum deposit at least $50-100 based on leverage 1:500, any account type, leverage,currency pair and time frame.

Default settings

Advisers default settings works only on EurUsd H1


It's fast and easy to optimize and test this bot as it works by 'Open prices'. Simply check and follow the settings step/increments guide (or set your own) to perform the optimization on the desired currency pair you wish to trade.

Adviser settings

  • Chart display - Turn on or off the chart display
  • Display color   - Choose desired background color for display
  • Auto magic - 0= Auto assigned or define your own
  • Slippage - Order slippage
  • Fixed lots size - Fixed order lots size
  • Moving average settings - Working time frame,Mode,Moving period and shift

SweetLindsey 2019.12.27 17:03 

very slimmed….as the Product name indicate 'Budget' i'm surprised about it's fairly good performance. Feels safe to use with comfortable draw downs.

daugaard 2019.12.15 07:59 

Selvom roboten er meget enkel, formåede jeg at optimere den med gode resultater. Får kun 4 stjerner, fordi der også ville have været efterfølgende stop