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The Best Volatility Scalper

The best volatility scalper EA is made for the high volatility trading, The system can automatically detect the high volatility in the market. and then it place two pending orders, buy stop and sell stop. whichever triggered the other one will be deleted. 

The system can prove to be the best scalping system ever. If you are thinking that this is just a joke, you may try it by yourself on your side. You can try it in your own way that how do you check? whether on control points, open prices, tick mode, or dukas copy testing system with 99.99% accuracy.

We don't upload any screenshots with this product because it doesn't need to be proved by any screen shots, it proves its performance by itself. You can try it, if you think it worth it, you can get your copy.

Thank you!.

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Versão 11.20 2019.12.21
The performance is better than previous version and more safe than previous version.