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Spider Bot Innovation Two B Free

Please Note:  The new version 3.10 default settings have been changed.

If the default settings seem to bad for you this feel free to run a variation of your own settings. Remember to check the new EA for required margin and balance for your settings. Version 3.10 added the ability for greater profitability and slightly safer exits with 5 new parameters:

- Multiplier
- Next Multiplier
- Take Profit (Chart)
- Next Take Profit (Chart)
- Repeated 

The strategy is based on Bollinger Bands. It assumes additional trade opening in accordance with the input parameters. Please understand that the Spider Bot Innovation Two robot includes a number of very advanced features and principles.

The EA is optimized for USDCAD, H1. But with proper settings it is also appropriate for any time frames and any instruments.

Spider Bot Innovation 2 Free works only on USDCAD currency pair. The full version of the product has no limitations. Full version:  

https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/41166  (for professionals and amateurs)

Spider Bot Innovation Two Full version 3.10 

Averaging down is risky and is not suitable for everyone.

Backtesting Forex strategies is certainly one of the most efficient ways of gauging their profitability potential. I must honestly say that even the quality modeling 99.90 will not show the real market. This will be influenced by a many factors. What can we do ? First, rent and later buy. Never vice versa.

If you are interested ...

Compare with the full version

What you get by buying:

- full service

- latest ideas

- updates

I'm a programmer and have extensive experience (9 years) with manual and automated Martingale systems. I do encourage all to find the tools that they can not only financially grow by, but also learn from.  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/stiopa/seller#products

Why Martingale?

Price always moves in waves, regardless of how biased the market is to any particular direction. I have Spider Bot Innovation Two on every trade, I know my total risk.

if I want less risk - I select entry manually, rest is automated.

Input Parameters 

        • TF - the choice of Time Frame.
        • Start - choose whether you want to trade long or short positions only or both.  
        • Entering - Non Stop/Bands
        • Corridor - corridor for Bollinger Bands.
        • Period - period for Bollinger Bands.
        • Deviations - deviations for Bollinger Bands.
        • Max ATR - opening the position ATR<Max Atr.
          • Trend 
            • Range 
            • Disabled
          • Trend Period - in pips. 
          • Spread - for 5 digits 2.5 not 25. 
          • Slippage - slippage. 
          • MagicNumber - trades ID.  
          • Slippage - slippage. 
          • Comment - comment for orders.
          • Stop Loss - Stop Loss in pips.
          • Take Profit - Take Profit in pips.  
          • Min Take Profit - minimal Take Profit.
          • Average + Take Profit  - average order price + Take Profit.   
          • Take Profit (Chart) - Take Profit on chart.  
          • Next Take Profit (Chart) - Take Profit after partial closing.
          • TP+Swap - if swap < 0 Take Profit recalculated.
          • Lots - initial lot.  
          • Lotmax - maximum volume.  
          • MaxSumLot - the maximum sum lots. 
          • Multiplier - The Multiplier is used to multiply the lot size of progressive trades against a trend until the price retraces the takeprofit amount. 
          • Next Multiplier - The multiplier is used to multiply the lot size of progressive trades against a trend after partial closing. 
          • Repeated - if false 1,2,3,5,8... and if true 1,2,2,3,3,5,5... (example with a multiplier).
          • Select Multiplier - Plain multiplier/Compounded multiplier.
          • Run - Partial grid closure for final profit (Profit for Run One).
          • Profit for Run One - the minimum profit in the account currency. 
          • Stepper - quantity positions without the multiplier 1=1+multiplier; 2=1+1+multiplier etc.  
            • PipStep - the minimum distance between orders.
            • PipStep2 - the minimum distance between orders.
            • Max Trades - the maximum number of position.  
            • Speed Test - true/false. 
            • Object - #1,#2,#3... for delete.  
            • Visual - true/false.
            • Transferring - true/false. 

      Sergey Zhuravkov
      Sergey Zhuravkov 2019.12.02 12:46 

      Для бесплатного хорошо

      Versão 3.10 2019.12.17
      Simplification for the free version.