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Telegram MT4 Signal Trader

Telegram MT4 Signal Trader EA is the utility for anyone who wants to  Trade by signal text received via any Telegram Channels

The EA needs a free tool  Telegram Text Reader program to read the text from Telegram channels, you can download it from the Comments Tab

You should use a  VPS to run these programs because the  Telegram Text Reader program will continuously control the cursor.


  • CUSTOMIZE the lot size for each symbol
  • RE-WRITE THE SIGNAL TEXTS to easier detect signal text, standardize the signal structure
  • TRADE ALL ORDER TYPES including Open orders (buy, sell, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, sell stop), Modify orders, Close orders.
  • SYMBOL FILTER: Only trade the symbols you want
  • MAX PRICE DIFFERENCE FILTER: Only trade when the price difference (between the real entry price and the signal entry price) is not too far from the given value range.


  1. RUNNING MODE: Choose "Analyse Signal Text" or "Scan & Trade"
  2. Texts will be replaced (OldText:NewText; ..): Replace an old text by a new text, there are a colon ":" between the old text and the new text and there is a semi-colon " ;" among the blocks "OldText:NewText". Ex: "Text1:TextA;Text2:TextB" will replace "Text1" by "Text A", and replace "Text2" by "TextB"
  3. Only trade Symbols (Symbol; ..) (left blank to trade all): Input the symbols that you want to trade, seaparated by a semi-colon " ;". Ex: "EURUSD; GBPUSD; EURJPY", is to trade only these 3 symbols
  4. Max Price Difference (Symbol:Val; ..) (left blank to trade all): Ex: "EURUSD: 0.0001" means only trade EURUSD when the price difference between the real entry price and the signal entry price doesn't exceed over 0.0001
  5. Max Price Slippage: If the slippage exceeds this range value, the EA will not trade the signals
  6. ALL Texts to OPEN a BUY Order (separated by ";"): The signal texts must contain all the texts here to satisfy a condition of Open a Buy order
  7. ANY Text to not OPEN a BUY Order (separated by ";"): If the signal texts contain any text here, the EA will not Open a Buy order
  8. __Symbol Word Location: Input the word location value of the symbol text that you can find in the report
  9. __Price Number Location: Input the number location value of the entry price number that you find in the report
  10. __Comment Word location (should be order ID, Symbol, or Price): Input the word location value of the ID text,  symbol text or entry number that you find in the report, priority in order. These values are necessary to identify the order.


STEP 1: ANALYSE the Signal text

  • Run EA in mode "Analyse Signal Text" (default)
  • The EA will create a file "telegramsignaltext.txt" in the folder MQL4\Files of Metatrader folder
  • Open the file "telegramsignaltext.txt", copy and paste a signal text to the file and save it
  • Re-run the EA by open EA properties and press OK
  • The analyze report dialog will appear
  • You can see every single word in the signal text on the right column, and their location values on the left column
  • Word location values are used to identify the position of “key” text values (signal types: open, close, modify orders; order types: buy, sell, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop, sell stop; symbols: EURUSD, GBPUSD...)
  • Number location values are used to identify the position of "key" number values (entry price, stop loss price, take profit price).

STEP 2: STANDARDIZE the signal text structure

  • Use the “Texts will be replaced” parameter to replace some words in the analyze report.

STEP 4: INPUT correctly parameters in the EA setting

STEP 5: TEST the EA in the "Scan & Trade" mode

  • Open the file "telegramsignaltext.txt" by notepad program, copy and paste the signal text, then save the file
  • If the setting is correct. The EA will open, modify, close orders base on the signal
  • Test all types of signal text to ensure that the EA works fine.

STEP 6: RUN Telegram program and "Telegram Text Reader" program

  • Run Telegram program and get in the channel having signals
  • Download and copy the tool " Telegram Text Reader" program to the folder MQL4\Files\ in Metatrader folder
  • Run the tool by the guide so that the tool continuously gets the last signal text.

That's it. Telegram MT4 Signal Trader EA is ready to work for you.


  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me via messenger or comment
  • I am willing to support in setting up the EA when you buy.

smailshafeeu 2019.11.13 17:47 

awesome tool

marvelous support from author.