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Big Source

Automated trading system for portfolio managers.

Trend Advisor big_Source uses 2 EMA indicators and an RSI indicator. Safe, doesn 't use a martingale or a grid of warrants.

The expert uses standard stop loss, teak profit and trailer stop.

Not influenced by news output.


Optimized to work with any currency pair trends on timeframe H1 and above.
The minimum deposit is $1000.
Compatible with four- and five-digit accounts.
Compatible with all brokers, including American brokers, who comply with the FIFO rule.

Input Parameters

  • Lots (0.1)           - Lot size.
  • StopLoss (80)     - Stop Loss at points (10-100).
  • TakeProfit (100)  - Take Profit in points (0-200), 0 - off.
  • TS (true)             - Trailing Stop (on/off)
  • TrailingStop (20)  - Trailing Stop (10-50)
  • TrailingStep (5)    - Trailing Step (5-10)

If you bought a product, please write me a personal message, I will give some recommendations for trading in a real account.
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Versão 4.0 2019.11.08
Added closing functionality on reverse signal
Versão 3.0 2019.11.07
Elimination of inaccuracies of the code
Versão 2.0 2019.10.12
Trailing Stop added. The default settings are optimized.