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Big Momentum
Igor Bulgakov
The big_Momentum advisor is offered to your attention. The Expert Advisor is developed on the basis of Elder's Momentum Forex strategy, which uses only 2 indicators: Moving Average and Momentum. The multicurrency strategy (suitable for any currency pairs), although more or less stable results were obtained by the following currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, trading was carried out on the H1 interval. The strategy is simple: We look at the hourly chart of the selected currency pair (GBPUS
Igor Bulgakov
Sinuous Professional advisor Sinuous enters the deal once a day on the trend of the previous trading day. Trades infrequently, but stably. The Expert Advisor uses the standard Moving Average indicator and the author's algorithm in its trade. The Expert Advisor is safe for deposit. Stop loss, take profit and trailing stop values are set in parameters. Requirements The EA trades on any trending currencies, but requires periodic optimization for market conditions. The minimum reco
260 USD