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Sto2 5D Lite

My Story:

TL;DR = I have been working on finding this system for the past 7 months.

Ten years ago, I stumbled upon Forex while dabbling in the NY Stock Market. From there, I discovered automated trading systems; the first being FapTurbo (not the best nomenclature for those with a perverted mind, but we get it). I became obsessed with calibrating EAs and I became quite good at it too. I started something called weekly settings for FapTurbo. Things didn't go as planned. As we all know a trading strategy could be successful one year and disastrous the next - eliminating year-long profits in a matter of days. Life happened and I left the Forex world for 6, maybe 7 years before I returned February of 2019. After 7 months of testing and retesting, I stumbled upon something. That something is what I present to you here. It is not the holy grail that we all yearn for, but it is something.

NOTE: this is not martingale, not grid-trading, will not hold trades for more than a few hours, will not open multiple trades. This is clean scalping - how scalping should be.


  • does not need to turn this EA off on holidays. I have checked multiple times. Based on the trading strategy and on backtest results, this EA does not do poorly on holidays. However, there is a correlation between poor trades and certain time frames. I may put more Start_time and Stop_time parameters if highly requested.
  • does not need low latency (aka low slippage). This EA does not trade by ticks, but closed values, so there is no need for quick response time. 


  • Must have spreads of 0.5 pips or lower (this is extremely important). Because this is a reversal strategy and the secret conditions I have in place, it requires low spreads. 
  • Symbols must following the 5 digit or 3 digit format. Use the correct 5D or 3D version

Low spreads are crucial. I am using commission trading with Oanda to get the lowest spreads possible (EurUsd = 0.2 pips). I am working to improve this system and eliminate some of the bad trades so that it can work with higher spreads, but for now, lower spreads are necessary.

Symbol compatibility:

I go through a long calibration process in MT5 first, and then I backtest it with Tickstory in MT4. I am still testing more symbols and will post my findings when I get them. All of the set files will be stored in my blog. 

  1. EurUsd 
  2. GbpUsd
  3. AudUsd
  4. UsdJpy
  5. EurJpy
  6. AudJpy
  7. GbpJpy
  8. NzdJpy
  9. AudNzd

NOTE: All set files will be downloadable from my blog: Sto2 Settings

Multiple versions:

  1. Sto2 5D Lite = FREE version for 5 digit symbols with only buy trades. There will be some sell trades because I can't remove it all. Default setting is geared for EurUsd
  2. Sto2 3D Lite = FREE version for 3 digit symbols with only buy trades. No sell trades
  3. Sto2 5D Pro = PAID version works for 5D. All indicators unlocked (except MACD and secret conditions)
  4. Sto2 3D Pro = PAID version works for 3D. All indicators unlocked (except MACD and secret conditions)

There will be no refunds. The free versions are there to help you make an informed decision before you buy. I spend most of my time working part-time and figuring out how to improve this current system; I do not want to deal with refunds. 

Indicators explained:

Sto1: Long-range stochastic measures trend

Sto2: Slow-range stochastic measures swing

Ichimoku: further confirms trend


I won't go into detail with a lot of them because they are either self-explanatory or it's something you just have to plan around with you understand them.

  • m lot size = manual lot size. The lot size used will appear on the symbol chart.
  • p lot size = percentage lot size. The lot size used will appear on the symbol chart.


Please leave me a review, whether positive or negative. I will continue improving the system regardless; however, your reviews will help me know how I am doing as a seller. I implore everyone to do their research before buying. Download the free version and the demo. Ask questions. I can't guarantee an answer, but I will try my best. Thank you.

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Versão 1.10 2019.09.19
I can't seem to make this just Buy trades. There may be some sell trades in this version.