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Ferexinex Professional Scalper

Ferexinex Professional Scalper is a professional, fully automatic trading robot. Concludes from one to several transactions per day. All a trader needs to do is add a robot to the chart of a currency pair. Further, the robot will automatically begin to analyze the market using trading modules in automatic mode. After the robot has found a possible price reversal point, in this place it opens a pending order. In automatic mode, using the balance control module, the robot determines the most effective volume of the transaction. The volume of the transaction is determined in such a way as to earn the maximum amount with minimal risk. If a pending order is triggered, the robot begins to accompany the transaction and fixes the profit at the point of maximum efficiency.

IMPORTANT! It is best to place the robot on a VPS server so that it can trade around the clock. The principle of the robot is such that if you added it to the chart, in no case should you interrupt its work. You cannot reinstall or reboot. The robot works on the principle of signal accumulation. That is, the signal storage is indicated in the robot settings. As soon as the required number of signals accumulates, the robot opens and accompanies the transaction. If you restart the terminal, the robot starts to accumulate data again and count a new cycle. The robot must work constantly!

Under what conditions we tested the robot and got the result both in graphs and video:

  • GBPUSD currency pair
  • type of account: cent / micro. Five digits. Quotes have five characters after the period.
  • minimum broker STOP_LEVEL is missing. Stops can be set at any distance.
  • initial deposit $ 100-1000
  • timeframes: M5, M15, M30, H1
  • the broker on whose accounts the robot was tested: RoboForex

The advantages of this robot:

  • fully automatic trading system.
  • works on a scalping strategy.
  • monitors the expenditure of funds and profit.
  • can work both on the local computer and on the VPS server.
  • Don't use martingale strategy.

Robot Settings:

  • Risk - set the volume of trading operations. The default is 0.05.
  • StopLoss - sets StopLoss
  • TakeProfit - install TakeProfit
  • TrailingStop set Trailing Stop.
  • Accumulation - accumulation of price pivot points for a certain period of time.
  • Distance_step - distance to open pending orders.
  • min_lots - minimum transaction volume.
  • max_lots - maximum transaction volume.
  • max_spread maximum spread. Recommended maximum spread up to 15 pips.
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