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Alexis Stenvall

Default settings are EURUSD or EURCHF.
All settings are turned on automatically.

Alexis Stenvall investment (ASi) - this is a comprehensive automated software designed to make a profit on currency fluctuations. The architecture of ASi makes it a fully automatic Autonomous robot expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions. ASi has its own server  lleonea.com where information from the Internet is analyzed and used to improve trading.
ASi - Calm and long-term strategy that uses the fixation of losses, there can be both positive and negative periods.  Most of all, this EA-robot is suitable for trading signal providers, trust management accounts,  PAMM accounts and personal long-term investments. 

ASi does not use dangerous strategies like martingale or grid. All orders are protected by stop loss. Does not use false strategies such as impulse and breakthrough any other short-term strategies.

Own server to download the news sheet and other necessary information. To work correctly please to add the site to the list of allowed URL: http://lleonea.com/

  • Real signal default settings EURUSD M1https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/583618
    In reality, ASi trades better than in backtesting, since the testing does not take into account a number of factors that are used in the flow of trade, it is a news filter, an interactive volatility filter and others..
  • You can set Riskfix lot / normal /  aggressive/ ...
  • As well as disable arithmetic averaging multilot=false
  • You can use manual or automatic settings. Automatic setup supports EURUSD and EURCHF. More sets you will find in the closed official group. In order to join it you need to purchase ASI and write me a message.

Architecture ASI:

  • Three-level protection (real stop loss, broker-level order protection, virtual internal protection) - maximum security protects your money from any force majeure macroeconomic events (war, revolution, black Tuesday, news background and other events);
  • Self-learning filtering SFA: based on the analysis of currency pairs charts since 2005, the SFA function detects suspicious price behavior in advance and prevents entry into unstable market conditions. Thus ASI manages to avoid most dangerous trades, this can be called a trader's intuition, that's what distinguishes humans from robots this is exactly what most robots do not have;
  • Engine ASI signals: heart robot ASI is the author's function was developed by the mathematician Alexis Stenvall, this function gives orders to buy sell or close orders. The accuracy of the signals reaches 70-80%%;
  • Alexis Stanvall investment has many other complex features that make it a unique EA-robot -  More information can be found here  HERE.


  • Account type: hedging(if you have a netting account - write me a message)
  • Leverage: any;
  • Speed of execution: no matter, the holding time is 1-4 hours;
  • Currency of account: any, default settings for USD or EUR;
  • Compatibility with other EA: yes;
  • VPS: no need;
  • Minimum deposit:  from 50 USD;


  1. Open EURUSD and EURCHF M1 chart;
  2. To install the ASI and if you need to change a lot;
  3. Add it to the allowed list URL: http://lleonea.com/ (Settings>Expert Advisors>Allow WebRequest for...> http://lleonea.com/);
  4. Press OK and the Alexis Stenvall investment will get to work;
  5. Next, follow the news in the official group;


Igor Iarema
Igor Iarema 2019.10.30 18:08 

Отличный советник . Очень хорошая робота Геннадий ждём поддержки GBP/USD в новых версиях

JFX 2019.10.29 12:47 

Good EA with stable performance and low DD. Backtest results is very promising. Author is very friendly and helpful too. Will update the results in future.

alphapoint 2019.10.23 02:27 

I have tested this EA in demo account for a week and put it in real trading account.This EA has been giving me profits.

My trades are different from ASI live signal,maybe it different brokers.

Gennady has been patience and helpful in answering my questions.

Frank B
Frank B 2019.10.22 22:59 

So far is doing good with eurusd (similar to the authors signal). Seems to be safe with low DD.

Waiting for the coming new version 2.0 with more sets for other pairs.

Dirk Looman
Dirk Looman 2019.09.02 15:43 

Seller is responding very quickly and is also very friendly.

Backtests looks very promising.

I put it on a real account of peppertone UK to see how it goes.

For now 5 stars.

update 6-9: real trading is same as the simulation.

update 14-9: update to V1.5 old version was making profits.

Versão 2.11 2019.11.03
+enable high volatility
Versão 2.1 2019.10.26
+adding some features risk reduction
/more information in the official group
Versão 1.81 2019.10.01
+improve the function
Versão 1.8 2019.10.01
+add new function control
+fix bag
Versão 1.6 2019.09.19
+add function
Versão 1.5 2019.09.13
+add future 3 (Control function of the expiry signal statistics are what time the signal is valid)
Versão 1.4 2019.09.10
+fix bag
Versão 1.3 2019.09.09
+fix bag
+add new of the feature
*autoset self-l. step
*shift bar smart closure
Versão 1.2 2019.09.05
+add new function
+fix bag
Versão 1.1 2019.09.01
-fix bag