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Impact of Spread

If you make Intraday trading, then you really need to make this type of analysis provided by this indicator.

It calculates spread, and it also calculates the impact of spread (returned in percentage %) on your intraday trading. How does it make it ?  Simple: it consider the spread you will pay, compared with the volatility offered by the market.
Great values of the "impact of cost" imply that the instrument is not convenient for intraday and short-term trades, because the spread will effect your results. I reccomend values of "impact of cost" less than 10. 


The first section regards the volatilty parameters considered for the calculation:

  • PeriodATR :  is the periord of ATR (the number of candles) considered for the calculation
  • TimeFrame_ATR:  is the timeframe on which the ATR will be calculated

The second section regards only the layout settings to make it as you wish.

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