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Thanos - indicator which used to determine the current trend direction based on various standard indicators. It is displayed on the price chart in the lower right corner in the form of Infinity Glove (from the plots of Marvel Comics). The glove has slots for six Infinity Gems. A specific indicator is responsible for each gem. Gem of Mind - Moving Averages, Gem of Reality - Parabolic Sar, Gem of Space - Ichimoku, Gem of Power - Envelopes, Gem of Time - Fractals, Gem of Soul - Bolinger Bands. When using the indicator a trend is determined on the market, the corresponding gem is inserted into the slot and illuminated with a certain color (green for uptrend, red for downtrend).
When all the gems of a certain color are collected on a glove, this means that at the moment there is a strong trend on the market and, depending on its direction (color of gems), you can buy (open long positions) or sell (open short positions). It is possible to close open positions as some gems are redrawn in the opposite color to the current position or to wait for the full color change of all the gems.


===== MOVING_AVERAGES (Gem of Mind) ===== - Moving Averages indicator settings (Gem of Mind).
ma_fastMaPeriod - averaging period for the FAST moving average calculations.
ma_slowMaPeriod - averaging period for the SLOW moving average calculations.
ma_method - averaging method.
ma_appliedPrice - price used for averaging.

===== PARABOLIC_SAR (Gem of Reality) ===== - Parabolic Sar indicator settings (Gem of Reality).
parabolic_step - price change step.
parabolic_maximum - maximum step.

===== ICHIMOKU (Gem of Space) ===== - Ichimoku indicator settings (Gem of Space).
ichimoku_tenkanSen - averaging period for Tenkan Sen line.
ichimoku_kijunSen - averaging period for Kijun Sen line.
ichimoku_senkouSpanA - averaging period for Senkou Span B line.

===== ENVELOPES (Gem of Power) ===== - Envelopes indicator settings (Gem of Power).
envelopes_maPeriod - averaging period pfor the main line of the indicator.
envelopes_maMethod - averaging method.
envelopes_appliedPrice - the price used for averaging.
envelopes_deviation - percentage deviation from the main line.

===== FRACTALS (Gem of Time) ===== - Fractals indicator settings (Gem of Time).
fractals_period - the number of candles to search for a fractal.

===== BOLINGER_BANDS (Gem of Soul) ===== - Bolinger Bands indicator settings (Gem of Soul).
bolingerBands_period - averaging period for calculating the indicator.
bolingerBands_deviation - the number of standard deviations from the main line.
bolingerBands_appliedPrice - price used for averaging.

This variant of the indicator is also available for the MetaTrader 5 platform => Thanos MT5

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