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Scalping Trend Zone

The indicator consists of an accelerated line that determines the direction and strength of the trend and signal generator. For convenience, the line direction is executed in the form of colored stripes. The signal generator works from an oscillator that works according to my formula. When the accelerated line is above the price chart - the bull trend, the color of the bar is blue. If the price chart is lower than the bearish trend, the color of the bar is red-orange. The distance from the price chart shows how strong the trend is. The indicator works on all instruments.
Recommended TF for trading M15, M30, H1, H4, for some high volatility from M30 and higher. The indicator signals are equipped with sound and text signal.
Oscillator signals never redraw.

The opening of transactions occurs according to the trend.
In the case of a bullish trend, when the oscillator breaks the lower dotted line from bottom to top, on the next A blue buy signal appears on the candle.
In the case of a bearish trend, when the oscillator breaks the upper dotted line from top to bottom, on the next A sell signal appears on the candle - a red icon.
Stop Loss can be set at several points above / below the previous visual high / low  on the older TF, while on the older TF the opposite trend, it is better to follow his lead.

Indicator Parameters

  • Trend period  - Trend period (20 to 300)
  • Trend Normalization Level - Trend Strength Level
  • Trend Averaging - Trend Smoothing
  • Oscillator Period - Period of the oscillator to generate signals
  • Show Oscillator - Show / Hide Oscillator with Lines
  • Trend line color - Trend line color
  • Oscillator color - Oscillator line color
  • The color of the bull trend - The color of the bull trend line
  • The color of the bear trend - The color of the bearish trend line.
  • Signal message - Enable / disable text alert when signals appear.
  • Alerts sound - Enable / disable sound when signals appear.
  • Soundfile signal - A sound file for signals.
  • History Bars - The number of indicator bars on the chart.
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