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Black Point AUTO

The idea of this product is to create a grid expert Advisor that would not lose like other grid expert advisors. To do this, are used 100 virtual strategies with their parameters, their balance and virtual positions. If expert lose one strategy, we get 1% loss (if Risk=5000,VirtualStopBalance=5000), which can be distributed to other strategies of this symbol, as well as to other advisors involved in global recovery with one common variable.

The expert Advisor was created using GeneratorPro.  The peculiarity of this expert Advisor is the way it was optimized. A step is made to identify the rank of the best parameters suitable for the pair (for this genetic optimization is done in the strategy tester), for the period 1999-2019. After that, the best 100 sets of parameters are identified from the obtained rank of strategies, using the Create module and random sampling mode.

When using the global recovery system 2019 (which is compatible with other products: GeneratorPro, Combination, HotPointAuto, GreenPointAuto), the distribution of losses will occur. If one pair is used, the loss is distributed within 100 strategies, if N pairs are used, the loss is distributed within N*100 strategies. If other expert advisors with this function are used additionally, the distribution will be between all virtual strategies.

Algorithm of virtual strategy: opening the first position with the trend after the correction. If the price goes not in our direction, then we average. If you exceed the limit, it is not averaged. If the position receives a signal to turn, then reverse the position with the coefficient of reduction of all lots. If the price goes beyond the set corridor, the position is closed and will be opened when a new signal occurs. The algorithm also has a parameter limiting the reversal in the flat.


  1. Deposit from $ 1000 or equivalent.
  3. Period M15.
  4. Leverage 1:500.
  5. ECN account.

Peculiar properties:

  1. No configuration required.
  2. It has a built-in system for saving calculations and parameters to files.
  3. There is a system of error control with feedback.


  • Select Strategy - choice of strategy;
  • Risk-risk Parameter. The risk equal to 5000 on one pair will be considered normal. An increase Risk (for example 10000) is considered to be a decrease in riskiness, a decrease Risk (for example 2000) is considered to be an increase in riskiness. Some servers (a small number) may not have a standard margin calculation system, so the risk value may be different, you may need a correction of 100, or another value. Check in the tester;
  • AutoFixBalance - Automatic setting FixedBalance. If the current balance is higher than FixedBalance, FixedBalance is equal to the current balance;
  • FixedBalance - if it is 0, the EA works with the entire Deposit balance, if it is not 0, it will work with the specified value. This value can be less or more than the current balance;
  • MaxTotalLots – this is a limit on the maximum number of average volume of all lots from all virtual strategies. Real maximum number of all lots = Deposit / Risk * VirtualMaxLots*k, where k is equal to the ratio of the second pair to the Deposit currency;
  • VirtualStopBalance - the balance of each virtual strategy, when exceeded, all virtual positions are closed and transferred to GlobalVariable;
  • VirtualMaxLots - maximum value of all lots of each virtual strategy. Virtual lots start at 0.01;
  • Auto GMT - enable automatic calculation of GMT and server time difference;
  • ManualGMTOffset - set your own terminal time difference minus GMT;
  • SummerTime - is the season of time. Use only when testing. Need to EA translated GMTOffset for one hour;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • SpreadLimit - set the spread limit in points;
  • Commission - compensation of Commission from transactions;
  • Magic Number - unique number;
  • FIFO - use FIFO;
  • Partial Closure - partial closure;
  • Limit Orders of Symbol – limit positions, 0 - no limit;
  • Close And Remember Before the Weekend - close, and to memorize the positions before the weekend.
  • Global Recovery 2019 - enable / disable global recovery;
  • Global Variable Name - the name of the global variable;
  • Global Recovery BalanceLimitPercent  - virtual balance loss limit;
  • Global Recovery Inc - increment to virtual balance;

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Versão 1.7 2019.04.02
- Added AUDCAD strategies
Versão 1.6 2019.03.18
v 1.4
- Added CADJPY, NZDUSD strategies

v 1.5
- Added EURAUD, EURJPYv2, EURGBP strategies
- Now it is possible to change strategies without restart.
- In AUTO mode for EURUSD and EURJPY are selected EURUSDv2, EURJPYv2 strategy. Check after upgrade. If you want to leave the previous ones, choose EURUSD or EURJPY strategy.

v 1.6
- Added AUDJPY strategy
- Orders Comment
Versão 1.3 2019.02.27
1) Added GBPJPY M15 strategy
2) Added EURUSDv2 M15 strategy
3) Added GBPUSD M15 strategy
Versão 1.2 2019.02.26
1) Added AUDUSD M15 strategy;
2) Added NZDJPY M15 strategy;
Versão 1.1 2019.02.21
1) Added strategy USDCAD for M15.