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Step Profi Tool

-Sees BUY, SELL, GET_PROFIT, TAKE_PROFIT, STOP_LOSS signals in English, signs on the chart, on the MQID and on the e-mail.
-Scan currency activity every minute. Works on all symbols and periods.
-One click on the symbol of the Scanner creates a window and installs the Template and the indicator.
-You can assign different scanner symbols in the windows and see activity throughout the market.
-Finds on the server open before the order. It will give a close signal with the maximum possible profit now.
-If the order is closed for any reason, the indicator will know it from the server. Will inform you with all the signals and looking for a new input.
-This makes it possible to trade mobile receiving MQID.
-Calculates the free lot and the price of the lot in dollars, recommended take profit in case of a computer or communication failure.
-Draws orders and lines: colored signal, BUY, SELL trends, first breakdown of support and resistance levels.
-Draws the movement of the stochastic lines M1 M5 M15 M30 H1 H4 every minute for any period.
-It reports "Data error ..." in case of incomplete data in the quotes flow and in case of input data errors.
-Signs a blink that is not blocked.
-One click on the "copy" icon makes screenshots of the window.

Good for beginners and experienced. Shows everything you need for trading.
No need to configure - turn on and trade. You can assign different colors and symbols in the properties in each window.

-Automatic tracking system. On each tick (except filtered ones), it measures the values of all the stochastics of my  STEP_STOCH indicator (Code Base) and compares them with the values in different time periods ago. Measures iATR, iMA, iFractal (MetaQuotes Soft...) Indicator values for periods of 1,5,15,30,60 minutes. Calculates levels of support, resistance, trend.
-As a result of comparisons and taking into account the orders, signals are given.
-Signals never redraw (and when ReInit), therefore in the window with signals do not change the period, symbol and settings.
-Two trading styles: 1-quickly but more risky, 2-less risk but there will be less signals.

-The indicator does not draw beautiful trends and signals before the start. All lines and signals - only in real time (the tester models it).
-STEP_PROFI does not offer you an entry with the calculated success percentage, put TAKE_PROFIT and wait for luck. Everything calculated by the previous price movement can change exactly in this minute.
-STEP_PROFI every minute (regardless of the period) monitors the quotes and calculates the inputs and outputs.

How to trade?
-It's just that. The indicator will tell and show when to open and close orders. Having received the signal never in a hurry, make sure.
-Always look at the lines M1, M5, M15 and act when they move in the direction of the signal.
-It is better to open correctly later than to wait for the opportunity to close the wrong order.
-Get experience, you can act without a signal, analyzing the screen, news and advice of analysts.
-You are not obliged to act only by a signal - it is the result of an analysis of the past, and you are able to predict the future.
-Create on the screen 6 or more windows with interesting symbols for you and trade at once on several, distributing money.
-When there are a lot of windows on the screen, the signal in which will pop up on top of the rest.
-Choose for trading symbols where more ACTIVity and Tick Value and less Spread.
-Set up take profit (and Stop Loss> 280 (28) Point) if you are going to turn off the computer. Or periodically push back.

Please read author's comments. There, see Test for December 2018.

In the Tester:
-Orders are certainly drawn and profit is estimated. FASTTEST - for quick assessment.

Input parameters:
-Showed in the screenshot. You can customize how you like and assign SET_CODE.
-The indicator adapts to 4 and 5-digit MT4, to Screen DPI.

This indicator is a tool that measures the price movement and gives you recommendations (signals). Who does not understand this, do not show your stupidity in bad reviews. To loyal customers, who will ask for "Trade_secret_and_Code" in his review and indicate the e-mail where to send, the author will send a file with trading secrets and fragments of MQ4 code, which shows the numbers of buffers and part of the BUY algorithm.

SilentForex 2019.01.08 13:22 

No signal at all been watching screen forever !