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Dark Personal Grid MT5

Dark Personal Grid is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Extreme Scalping Trading. This Expert Advisor needs attention, in fact presents a High Operating Frequency. Dark Personal Grid is based on continuous openings, these Trades can be filtered with some indicators, Ma, Atr and Adx. The expert advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades.

Very often, I was asked if I had a robot with many operations, with this robot you can easily reach hundreds of orders a day. You can download the demo and test it yourself. My tests were performed with the real tick date with High accuracy in MT5 Strategy Tester with Real spread and additional slippage.

I have also test in mt4 with TDS2, you can find it here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/34339

This robot is not recommended for newbies, by accessing my sales profile you can find my other Robots and their performances:


Dark Personal Grid is a project, I would like with this Expert, to create a group to optimize. Even a month's rental, allows access to the group. Just buy -> contact me on mql5 or on Email -> send me your telegram id, name or number (or i send you my ID) -> so I will insert you in the secret group.

In Group will provide you an informative pdf with the complete description of the parameters and strategy.

Optimization experience is required to Download the robot.

All settings are external.


  • The Recommended Timeframe depends on your settings, but you can use M1, M5, M15 and all others timeframes.
  • The Expert can go on all the pairs, with the appropriate settings
  • An Ecn broker is always recommended.
  • A low latency vps is always recommended.
  • The recommended Leverage and deposit depends on settings. If you do not know what you are doing, contact me.


Dark Personal Grid Settings

  • Magic Number: ID number of the orders.
  • Max Spread: maximum spread to trade.

Money Management Settings

  • Lots: number of lots if the money management option is disabled.
  • Money Management: if true enables the money management option. 
  • Risk Percent: if the money management option is enabled, it indicates the risk percentage.

Indicators Settings

  • One Trade Bar: if true, robot can open only one trade for bar.
  • Order Timeframe: Timeframe for Order Frequency.
  • Alternation Opening Bars: Alternation of bars for opening.

MA Settings

  • Enable Ma: if true, enable moving averages.
  • Fast Ma Period: periods of the Fast Ma indicator.
  • Slow Ma Period: periods of the Slow Ma indicator.
  • Ma Method:  Calculation Method of the Ma indicator.
  • Ma Price: price to apply for Ma.
  • Ma Timeframe: timeframe of the Ma indicator.
Adx Settings
  • Enable Adx: if true, enable Adx.
  • Adx Period: periods of the Adx indicator.
  • Adx Limit: Limit Beyond which Adx Enabled or Disabled.
  • Adx Reverse Rules: reverse the rules of the ADX.
  • Adx Method: Calculation Method of the Adx indicator.
  • Adx Price: price to apply for Adx.
  • Adx Timeframe: timeframe of the Adx indicator.

Atr Settings

  • Enable Atr: if true, enable Atr.
  • Atr Period: periods of the Atr indicator.
  • Atr Min Point: Minimum value Atr.
  • Atr Max Point: Maximum value Atr.
  • Atr Timeframe: timeframe of the Atr indicator.

Trading Hour

  • Enable Time Filter: if true enables the time filter
  • Trading Start Hour: operating start Hour
  • Trading Start Minute: operating start minutes
  • Trading Stop Hours: operating end Hour
  • Trading Stop Minute: operating end minutes
  • Close everything Out of hours: close all orders at the end of the timetable.
  • Close Friday Night: close on Friday evening.

Trading Directions

  • Allow Buy: if true, Ea can trade with buy orders.
  • Allow Sell: if true, Ea can trade with sell orders.
Trading Settings
  • Max Orders: Maximum number of orders, for long and for short.
  • Grid Management: Type of Lots management.
  • Coefficient Grid Management: Multiplier for, lots sum, martingale, all lots sum.

For all Set File contact me and enters the group.

For other questions, set or support.

Michael 2019.07.09 16:24 

I have used all the sets and followed the instructions, but I have lost all my money. I see also the author has removed the signals of this EA. Looks like it has failed generally. Be careful.

Eduardo Linares
Eduardo Linares 2019.03.30 03:26 

The best grid EA for MT5 now. You can configure it to your own trading style. Great job Marco Solito!!!

ramo25 2019.03.23 14:57 


Inyiak Talago
Inyiak Talago 2019.02.14 16:25 

Amazing EA....Thanks Marco

David Diez
David Diez 2019.02.10 17:56 

This expert can be paid for itself in less tan a week.

Laurent Soudron
Laurent Soudron 2019.02.08 09:40 

YEeeeessssss, Dark Personal Grid is finally available for MT5.

This EA is just great and thanks to MT5 it will be even easier to find the best settings for this EA.

Thank you Marco you're a champion 👍

Versão 3.20 2019.06.25
- Add Different Take Target For First Order
- Add Take Target First Order
- Add Min Distance Multiplier
Versão 3.0 2019.04.05
- Add Take Target On Atr
- Add Take Target Atr Period
- Add Take Target Atr Multiplier
- Add Take Target Atr Timeframe
- Add Stop Target Mode
- Add Freezes All Friday
- Add Freezes Hour
- Add Close Friday Night
- Add Close Friday Hour
- Add Forced Close Friday Night
- Add Forced Close Friday Hour
Versão 2.50 2019.02.14
- Add Target Line Green
Versão 2.10 2019.02.10
- Add Enable Stochastic
- Add K Period
- Add D Period
- Add Slowing
- Add Upper Level
- Add Lower Level
- Add StochasticMethod
- Add StochasticPrice
- Add Stochastic Reverse Rules
- Add Stochastic Timeframe
- Add Stochastic Mode
- Add Enable CCI
- Add CCI Periods
- Add CCI Upper Level
- Add CCI Lower Level
- Add CCI Reverse Rules
- Add CCI Timeframe
- Add CCI Price
- Add Min Distance On Atr
- Add Atr Period
- Add Atr Multiplier
- Add Atr Timeframe
- Add Close In Percentage Loss
- Add Stop Trading After Percentage Loss
- Add Loss Percentage
Versão 1.40 2019.02.05
- One Trade Bar Grid now only enters in Open Price
Versão 1.30 2019.02.05
- Add Parabolic Sar
- Add Enable Parabolic Sar
- Add Sar Step
- Add Sar Max Step
- Add Sar Timeframe
- Add Sar Reverse Rules
- Add Parabolic Sar Only On Crossing