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ZigZagFibox will automatic draw the fibonacci using the zigzag indicator as the parameter
You can change the zigzag default 12 in the indicator settings
You can choose mode 1 dynamic or mode 2 static
Dynamic considers the current zigzag value and the previous low or high, so it will change within a trend
Static considers the last zigzag low or high and it´s previous, so it will only change when zigzag changes the trend
It can be used in any pair, even crypto, and any timeframe
You will have to add the zigzag indicator that comes with your mt4, ZigZagFibox will not draw it for you.
If you know how to use fibonacci or want to study it you will love this indicator

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Versão 1.1 2018.12.22
Updated fibo leves without 76.4 and 23.6