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Night Fishing EA

Night Fishing is a fully automated multicurrency EA designed for trading through asian session. The EA provides daily autooptimization in preset range before start to trade. It trades by a single order inside price channel. Left trades are closed in the morning at predefined time independent from profit value and price location inside the channel.

The real account monitoring:



  • trade in calm market
  • don't left trades in daytime
  • no grid/martingale
  • a lot of supported currencies
  • daily autooptimization


  • Minimal deposit: 100$
  • Account type: ECN is recommended
  • Time frame: M1


Settings of money management, goals and execution

  • Lots - value of fixed lot
  • Risk - dynamic risk
  • FixLots - to use fixed lot
  • MagicNumber - unique number of EA's orders
  • Slippage - admissible slippage
  • MaxSpread - maximal spread value to open trades
Settings of trading time
  • StartHour - start hour of trading by terminal's time
  • EndHour - end hour of trading by terminal's time
  • AnywayClosingHour - hour of compulsory closing of trades  by terminal's time
  • GMT - the offset of terminal's time in relation to Greenwich
  • DaylightSaving - to take daylight saving into account
Settings of auto-optimization
  • AutoOptimizationPeriod - length of history for optimization, in bars
  • Optimization_StartHour - start hour of optimization by terminal's time
  • OptimizationSpread - value of spread used for optimization
  • Len_Start - minimal length of price channel
  • Len_Step - step used to change length of price channel
  • Len_End - maximal length of price channel
  • Deviation_Start - minimal width of price channel
  • Deviation_Step - step used to change width of price channel
  • Deviation_End - maximal width of price channel
Settings of filtering by S&P500
  • SP500_Name - the name of S&P500 symbol in your terminal
  • Use_SP500_Filter - to use filtering by S&P500
  • AnalyzedHours - the number of hours to measure the drawdown
  • Max_SP500_DD - maximal admissible drawdown of the index within the time mentioned above
  • Max_SP500_Fall - maximal admissible fall of the index taking recovery into account
Please keep S&P500 H1 chart opened to update its history and to use the filter correctly.

Important notes

Please don't forget to set GMT and DaylightSaving in accord with your terminal's time and your broker's policy about daylight saving.
Don't use DaylightSaving when testing using tick data from Dukascopy.
Turn on DaylightSaving when testing using data from MetaQuotes.
It is preferable to provide autooptimization shortly before start to trade. Remember that wide range of channel's parameters in company with small step could significantly decelerate the optimization.
You can use the same magic number for all pairs.

Mikhail Kornilov
Mikhail Kornilov 2019.01.09 15:01 

The EA shows outstanding results in TDS2 with real spread and execution that totally correspond to trading on real account. Many thanks to the author for perfect EA and support.

mikeyg17 2018.12.20 07:46 

Good results. Author live signal proves it too. I got the same results.

Versão 1.4 2019.04.16
The global bug of turning off filtering is fixed
Versão 1.3 2019.03.19
Spread control is improved
Channel width/spread ratio filter is added
Versão 1.2 2019.01.07
Algorithm is improved.
Trading at New Year celebration is disabled.
Filtering by S&P500 index is added.
Versão 1.1 2018.12.16
1) New functions are added:
- the possibility to set fixed SL/TP
- stop trading when reaching the maximal admissible drawdown
- the possibility to change orders' comment
2) The entry algorithm is improved.
3) The meaning of DaylightSaving parameter is changed. Start from version 1.1 it keeps start and end hours of trading unchanged in summer when DaylightSaving is ON and shifts them by -1 when DaylightSaving is OFF.