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Forex Range is a classic trend Expert Advisor that can be used on any symbol. The trading robot provides the accurate and highly customizable channel detection algorithm.
  • Forex Range means continuous efforts towards advanced safety, improved trading results, more efficient frequency of trades and adaptability to the market.
  • Forex Range is not just thousands lines of code but the implementation of ideas, knowledge and experience.
  • Forex Range is more than 400 hours of testing in real market conditions.
  • Forex Range is a team that knows what they are doing and does a great job!

The default parameters have been developed for EURUSD H1. To be able to apply the Expert Advisor to other symbols and timeframes, optimize main parameters on the latest available history:

  • History Shift - shift to history (in bars) to confirm the presence of the channel.
  • Bars In Channel - channel width.
  • MinRollBack - minimum price pullback from the channel's border, so that the channel is considered to be formed.
  • MaxRollBack - maximum price pullback from the channel border, at which the channel is still relevant (0 - disable the check).

Set LotRisk = 0 and FixLot = 0.1 for the time of optimization and select LotRisk for the optimal deposit load considering the drawdown and profit values that suit you best.

Use Order Shift to filter false breakouts, as well as StopLoss and Virtual TakeProfit to limit losses and fix the profit. All these parameters should also participate in the optimization.

Finally, add Ultimate TrailingStop to make the most of the trend and BreakEven to move to break-even as soon as possible.

If you do not want to bear even rare losses, enable reverse mode - just specify the number (Reverses Count) and lot increase ratio (Lot Coeff) to compensate losses.

We constantly optimize parameters and look for new trading symbols. The best settings will be posted in the Expert Advisor discussion thread.

hasayama 2014.04.14 17:22 

Замечательная долгосрочная стратегия, добавил себе в портфель.

Все основные пары + индексы, таймы от М30.

Только перевороты отключаю от греха подальше :)

CharlieStefano 2014.04.11 22:09 

Great job Forex Range team. So far profitable.

Igor Savchenko
Igor Savchenko 2014.04.08 15:34 

Very satisfied with this EA. Stable and profitable, good job!

Versão 6.0 2014.09.03
Significantly amended the trade strategy.
Versão 5.15 2014.04.16
Ultimate Trailing Stop has been added. Use it to catch main trend!
Don't use it with Reverses!