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The SmartTrade indicator is a multifunctional trading system that helps traders find the market entry and exit points. The indicator shows the signals to enter and exit the market as arrows on the chart.

This system includes two independent strategies. The first system is based on moving indicators (MA, RSI, MACD) and some original improvements, while the second system is based on fractals, patterns and moving indicators. The strategies can be toggles using the useFirstStrategy and useSecondStrategy parameters. The indicator also provides the ability to overlap both strategies. The arrow will be drawn by the strategy that generates the signal earlier. This option is most suitable for scalping systems and for binary options.

Indicator Parameters

  • periodStrategy - indicator period for both strategies
  • useFirstStrategy - show signals of the first strategy
  • useSecondStrategy - show signals of the second strategy
  • EnableAlerts - enable/disable sound alerts to notify of newly appeared arrows
  • EmailAlert - enable/disable sending email messages when arrows appear
  • MobileAlert - enable/disable sending push notifications when arrows appear

For the strategies to work together, the parameters useFirstStrategy and useSecondStrategy should be set to true. To disable the first strategy, set useFirstStrategy to false, and useSecondStrategy to true. To disable the second strategy, set useFirstStrategy to true, and useSecondStrategy to false.

The indicator does not redraw its values.

komolpav 2018.04.12 09:35 

Хорошо, что можно использовать две стратегии по отдельности

Versão 2.6 2018.04.26
Minor changes in the algorithm.