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YuClusters DEMO

Demo version of the YuClusters indicator. The demo version works only on one chart.

The YuСlusters indicator is a professional tool for analyzing the trading volumes. The cluster graph is plotted based on tick data. For the exchange financial instruments these are the volume, type and last price of a deal. For the Forex instruments - the real or tick volume (depending on the broker) and Bid price.

YuClusters features built-in volume filters, indicators of cumulative delta and weighted average price of the cluster volume.

YuClusters has a powerful system of alerts, which can be set to events related to clusters, volumes, prices and built-in indicators.

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Giovanni Pascoli
Giovanni Pascoli 2018.02.22 13:51 

Excellent Job

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Gennadiy Voltornist 2017.11.26 19:14 

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Versão 5.31 2019.07.25
- Added new view of cluster Bid x Ask with background depending on value of delta;
- added imbalance highlighting with circle;
- when cluster graph is minimized, button-logo remains in place in upper left corner;
- added contrasting prices on selected lines;
- added buttons to hide/show and clear alarm signs on main chart.
Versão 5.30 2019.07.17
Bugs fixed:
- shift of numbers in clusters;
- allocation of empty cells.
Versão 5.29 2019.05.17
- Added indicator of cumulative volume of DOM.
- Added choice of type of tick chart.
- Added graph of ticks in cluster data window.
- Added scaling on time scale.
- Fixed bugs.
Versão 5.25 2019.02.27
- Added "magnifier", on/off - press space key.
- Fixed profile calculation for visible clusters;
- Fixed display profile in form of delta.
Versão 5.24 2019.02.25
- Added vertical scaling of chart, scaling is performed by vertical movement of mouse with right button pressed in the price area;
- Price scale setting is moved to left side of chart, price scale is changed by moving the mouse vertically with the right button pressed;
- Crosshair works in subwindows;
- Fixed calculation of Value Area;
- Fixed hiding mode;
- Updated built-in help.
Versão 5.23 2019.02.19
- Fixed user profile offset.
- Fixed error setting value of VA period more 255.
Versão 5.22 2019.02.08
Fixed bug in the interface.
Versão 5.21 2019.02.08
- Added the Value Area indicator, with POC (point of control) display;
- added the ability to build arbitrary profiles, select the profile building area while holding the right mouse button pressed;
- added crosshair mode for the cursor, right-click activation;
- added the ability to hide the indicator on the chart, click on the logo;
- added events from DoM to the alerts;
- added the ability to change the size of the interface buttons;
- added built-in interface help.
Versão 5.17 2018.11.09
YuClusters DEMO compiled under the new version of the terminal(build 1940).
Versão 5.15 2018.06.14
- Fixed an error that sometimes prevented downloading the history.
- Fixed an error that caused the indicator to crash on certain instruments with missing history.
Versão 5.12 2018.05.03
The Divisor parameter is enabled in filter settings.
Versão 5.11 2018.04.25
- tick indicator sorting trades by volume;
- select data source (real or tick volumes) if necessary;
- time scale shift, in minutes;
- data on cluster type and form on the chart;
- shifting lines from a cluster chart to other open charts.
Versão 5.8 2017.12.06
Modified the VWAP indicator, added the calculation period.
Added the cluster volume indicator and the moving average indicator.
Added "hot keys": switching the cluster view and moving the chart.
Added a second profile on the right side of the chart.
Added disabling of profiles.
Profiles can be calculated for a specific number of recent clusters.
Added customization of the price scale. The price scale can be changed using the mouse in the price area of the cluster chart.
Added the ability to move the indicator lines on the main chart.
Added the ability to display horizontal lines from the main chart on the cluster chart.
Added a divisor of the indicator values.
Added centering of the current price on the chart.
Added shifting of the main chart to the bar corresponding to the selected cluster.
Added new events to alerts.
Added scrolling of the cluster chart using the mouse wheel (works with build 1653).
Added tooltips for the indicator parameters.
Fixed bugs.
Versão 5.2 2017.06.28
Fixed an error which could occasionally appear when loading tick history.
Versão 5.1 2017.05.15
Fixed an error that could occasionally lead to constant re-loading of the tick history.
Versão 5.0 2017.04.28
- New cluster type, where volumes are grouped by the deal type.
- 3 new types of cluster representation.
- 2 volume filters.
- The VWAP indicator.
- The second indicator of the cumulative delta with the ability to set time or period as a parameter.
- Configurable alerts.
- A window for quick navigation between clusters.
- Ability to customize the color scheme of the indicator.
- Ability to set the start time for clusters and profile.
- Interactive tooltip for the indicator settings.
- Ability to add interface languages.
Versão 4.2 2017.01.17
Fixed error that could sometimes stop the indicator and disabled trade level dragging option using a mouse.
Versão 4.1 2016.12.02
- Added a tooltip. Volume, number of buy/sell ticks (trades) and delta are displayed for a profile, total volume and cluster levels, while a date is displayed for a cluster time.
- Expanded tick history: applied data types are now displayed in the info window.
- Fixed setting a random color for horizontal levels.
- Fixed cumulative delta calculation.
- Fixed occasional un-synchronization of cluster and profile display.
Versão 4.0 2016.09.12
- Connected the tick history of the terminal.
- Added the tick volumes filter. It is possible to set a range of tick volumes, that will participate in the construction of clusters. A zero value of the parameter disables filtering on this parameter.
- Added new cluster type - Delta Percent;
- Added the ability to highlight the Volume Imbalance;
- Added the Cumulative Delta;
- Added the ability to save settings to a file.
Versão 3.6 2015.12.10
- Added delta to the volume profile.
- Added sum and volume delta of each cluster.
- Added the current price line.
- Increased maximum font size in the table.
Versão 3.5 2015.09.23
Fixed display of the the current cluster.
Versão 3.4 2015.09.22
- Updated behavior of the button shifting the table to the current cluster. The button now turns on/off automatic shifting of the table to the current cluster.
- Updated behavior of the button of table adjustment by price. The button now turns on/off automatic table adjustment by price.
- Fixed cluster profile generation.
- Fixed bug in Depth of Market display for Forex symbols.
Versão 3.2 2015.08.05
- Added the depth of market.
- Added the dark color scheme.
Versão 3.1 2015.06.04
Fixed the table display error occurred during a vertical shift of clusters on some symbols.
Versão 3.0 2015.04.24
- Fully modified interface: the indicator is controlled directly from the chart.
- Adjustable "depth" of clusters.
- Price scale can be changed.
- Adjustable appearance of clusters and a profile.
- Selected cluster "highlights" time of the cluster opening on the main chart using a vertical dashed line.
- Corresponding cluster is selected by double click on a "candle" of the main chart.
- Ticks and clusters are exported to a CSV file.
- Tick history is stored during 90 days.
- We have changed screenshots and added video in the description.
Versão 1.5 2014.05.16
A new parameter for selecting price accuracy (number of decimal places in the price) has been added.
Versão 1.3 2014.02.18
- Now the indicator works with Forex instruments. In cases real volumes are not available, it will use tick volumes for calculation.
- For Forex instruments you can select actual current price.
- Fixed the synchronization of tick history.
Versão 1.2 2014.02.13
- Added chart navigation: shift along the price and clusters.
- Added chart zoom: zoom in/out the chart.
- Added screenshot explaining new features.