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Channel Break Advisor

Channel Break Advisor combines multiple channel breakout strategies.

Trading Strategy

EA can be used on virtually any instrument and timeframe after they've been tested thoroughly. It trades with market orders and also gives you the tools to apply different types of money management and profit protection, however it always uses stop loss and doesn't include toxic risk management methods like martingale.

Channel Break Advisor also gives you control over timing of your entries, you can select specific months, days and hours when trading is allowed.

EA opens a buy order when the price breaks above the price channel and opens a sell order when the price breaks below it.

Robot is highly reliable because it is built based on a set of ready algorithms (or "engine") which has been developed, improved, polished and checked for errors over the months.

Please note, that the profitability itself will considerably vary depending on instrument and timeframe used.

Set files are available below:



  • timeFrameToTrade: choose current or any timeframe of your choice (choosing higher timeframe and backtesting on one-minute data will allow you to backtest with higher precision)
  • Months To Trade: allowed months for trading (from 1 to 12, separated by comma)
  • Days to Trade: allowed weekdays to trade (from 1 to 5 = Monday - Friday, separated by comma)
  • tradingHours: allowed hours to trade (from 0 to 23, separated by comma)


  • stopLossMethod: choose from the list
  • fixedStopLoss (used only if selected as SL method ): fixed stop loss in points
  • adjustSL (increase (>0) or drecrease (<0) SL by X points): change final SL further by decreasing or increasing it by points of your choice


  • takeProfitMethod: choose from the list
  • fixedTakeProfit (used only if selected as TP method): fixed take profit in points
  • tpToSlRatio (used only if takeProfitMethod = SL Multiple): if used, take profit will be equal to stop loss multiplied by this number
  • adjustTP (increase (>0) or drecrease (<0) SL by X points): change final take profit further by decreasing or increasing it by points of your choice


  • tradeRiskPercent (used if fixedLotSize = 0): percentage of balance to risk per trade
  • fixedLotSize: fixed lot size
  • breakEven (used if > 0 AND if > breakEvenLock): points in profit for breakeven to be activated
  • breakEvenLock: points to secure after breakeven activation
  • trailingStop (used if > 0): trailing stop in points
  • trailWait: defer TS trigger by points of your choice


  • comment: order comment
  • magic: order magic number (shall be different for each instance of the EA)


  • Candles to Wait After Signal: defer entry by X candles
  • Minimum Candle Size ( H-L ): signal candle's minimum size in points (high - low)
  • Signal Strength: main signal strength setting (from 0 to 100), increasing the value will decrease signal quantity
  • Signal Determination Coefficient A: additional signal strength setting
  • Signal Determination Coefficient B: additional signal strength setting
  • ZigZag Depth: depth parameter of ZigZag indicator
  • ZigZag Deviation: deviation parameter of ZigZag indicator
  • ZigZag Backstep: backstep parameter of ZigZag indicator


Please, test and optimize EA on your own on each pair & timeframe of your choice before trading. It is recommended to optimize EA once in 2-3 months on 3 years to date period.

About The Author

Besarion Turmanauli, programmer with 10+ years of experience (languages/platforms used: HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Java/Android, Java/jForex, MQL4, Python). Developing trading experts and indicators since 2014.

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