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Scalper Genie is a fully optimized Scalping strategy that cuts small profits combined with the Grid strategy, that acts as a fail safe, for a more efficient trading experience."

Trading Strategy

Scalper Genie trades on all types of pairs. It works most efficiently on an account with a high margin, which plays a huge role in any strategy. The user has to be able to consider withdrawal as a part of the strategy.

Scalper Genie works on all time frames without losing its efficiency but It works most efficiently on the H1 timeframe. I have already set the most optimal default parameters in accordance with the strategy.

Scalper Genie is highly reliable, as it has been developed while considering trading on a real account. The money-management is arranged using Lot Sizing that allows you to set the initial lot size with the ratio to your account balance, X value : 1 Lot. As your account grows, so will the lot size, and vice versa.

A trailing stop will activate once the equity reaches a point where a trailing stop is already considered a profitable stop.

Scalper Genie will notify you on your mobile terminal if a trade is executed.


  • Magic Number - a randomly chosen number that will be associated with each order. It ensures that the EA will not modify or close orders opened by another EA running on the same account. Each EA must have a different Magic Number.
  • Auto Lot Sizing - The option to choose,
    • Conservative Mode - 1,000,000 : 1 Lot.
    • Normal Mode - 100,000 : 1 Lot.
    • Gambler Mode - 10,000 : 1 Lot.
    • Custom Lot Sizing - Set your own value.
  • Custom Lot Sizing - if you enter " 10000 of account currency per 1 lot" and your account size is $500, then the trade size will be $500 / 10000 = 0.05 lots.
  • Trail Sensitivity - The option to choose, Trailing stop sensitivity to favoring price movement.
    • Quickie Trader - High sensitivity trailing stop.
    • Swing Trader - Low sensitivity trailing stop.
  • Cent Account - if your Account does not take profit because its a cent account set the value to true. This may only apply to some cent accounts.


Genesis Hafalla is a programmer who aims to create products both the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

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Versão 1.2 2017.12.20
- Removed an unnecessary alert if the EA is not activated.
It will only send a push notification alert on opening a trade, closing a trade and trailing stop modification.
Versão 1.1 2017.12.07
-In this version, it will now base its data from the current time frame you have attached this EA.
The lower the time frame the more aggressive it will open a trade. I still recommend H1 or higher.