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Trend Scalper GG

The Trend Scalper GG Expert Advisor trades according to a strategy based on the price exceeding a trend channel. Once the price exceeds the channel, the EA places pending orders for entering the market when the price rolls back into the channel. The price exceeding the channel by a distance specified in the settings indicates the overbought and oversold states, as well as a further trend reversal. The EA does not require manual intervention and works completely automatically. The best results have been achieved on the M5 timeframe. Testing should be performed in the "Every tick" mode.

Recommendations on usage

  1. Use a broker with a low spread.
  2. Run the Expert Advisor on a VPS.
  3. Use only five-digit accounts.


  • NameExpert - EA name in order comments;
  • Magic - the identifier of EA's trades;
  • LotsPercent - use auto lot calculation;
  • Percent - percentage of the deposit for a lot auto calculation;
  • Lots - fixed lot size if LotsPercent=false;
  • PeriodInd - indicator period;
  • Distance - price distance from the indicator in points;
  • StopLossPoint - stop loss in points;
  • TakeProfitPoint - take profit in points;
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • UseSound - use a sound signal;
  • SoundFileName - sound file name;
  • colorOpenBuy - buy order open color;
  • colorCloseBuy - buy order close color;
  • colorOpenSell - sell order open color;
  • colorCloseSell - sell order close color.
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