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The indicator builds extremums based on the idea that the price moves by impulses. To plot an extremum, it is necessary to determine at least two impulses to one of the sides of the market movement.

The algorithm of defining a trend change is based on the interruption of an extremum - common logic of defining a trend and its status.

The indicator does not redraw its values after new data arrive, which is very important for trend-following indicators. Trend change data appears after closing a candle, at which the trend has changed. Extremums are plotted on the chart only after executing all the rules (two-impulse movement or interruption of the previous extremum).


  • Show extremes? - display Highs and Lows
  • Show trend line? - display trend lines
  • Show change of trend (single divorce)? - show the place of a trend change (single spreading)
  • Show double divorce? - display double spreading
  • Show triple divorce? - display triple spreading
  • Show quadruple divorce? - display quadruple spreading
  • Use a sound notification to change the trend? - use a sound alert when trend changes
  • Sound: - select a sound from the list

How to trade using TPSpro TREND?

The indicator is just an additional filter for any trading strategy that can sort out false signals according to your strategy.

We do not recommend using it as the main trading signal.


The indicator calculates a large amount of data. Therefore, if you have uploaded a large archive of quotes, MetaTrader 4 may freeze for a while due to the calculation of the entire data.

While the candle is not closed, the indicator can draw an extremum and remove it. This happens due to calculation of the most recent data and is not a repainting.

While the candle is incomplete or an extremum is not formed, the indicator may display an extremum and delete it afterwards. This happens due to the recent data calculation and is not considered a repaint.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan 2018.12.19 23:32 

This product is a repainter. I suggested some features to the seller which he demonstarts in his video by drawing a rectangle manually to be automaically drawn. There is no update it's almost 6 months.

Versão 1.2 2018.02.08
Fixed redrawing of extremes.
Versão 1.1 2017.12.11
1. Added a sound signal when changing the trend;
2. Added a list of standard sounds;
3. Fixed some errors in the logic of determining extremums.