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Treasure Detector EA

Treasure Detector EA is secure, fully automated medium-term,long-term and gold pair trading robot. The EA does not use hedging, martingale or grid strategies.

Treasure Detector EA works on a daily price movement. Risk control is high. Treasure Detector EA works with GOLD pair. User intervention is not required. First of all, I do not have any guarantee of being profitable all the months. This EA is successful in the long run. This EA is ideal for the patient traders.

Features and Recommendations

  • To use this EA, you need a good ECN broker and fast VPS.
  • Use an ECN broker.
  • Use secure VPS.
  • Use tight spread.
  • Pairs (XAUUSD).
  • You can start with $100.
  • Timeframes: M30 and H1.


  • Magic number - number specific to operations.
  • Lot - trade with a fixed lot. If this feature is greater than zero, the risk mode is disabled.
  • Risk money - balance value for calculation of lot.
  • Risk lot - lot value for risk money.
  • Stoploss - adjust minimum damage level.
  • Takeprofit - adjust maximum profit level.
  • Trail stop - stop the subsequent damage. When the price progresses to the trail stop + trail step, the stop loss trail steps forward.
  • Trail step - trail driver. Constantly follows the price.
  • BreakEven = true - level of damage to the stop loss entry point to a minimum.
  • BreakEven pip - how many pips you write here comes to the entry point of the stop loss when it comes to this price. Profit loss becomes zero.
  • Max_spread - set the maximum spread level.
  • Max_stoplevel - set the maximum stop level.
  • Slippage - prevent an excessive slippage.
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