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Zigzag and Trend

ZigZag and trend indicator is a great tool that will allow you to predict trend changes or confirm the current trend in a quick and intuitive way on the chart. The indicator draws support lines when the trend is bullish or resistance lines when the trend is bearish. The indicator also draws the popular ZigZag lines and shows buy and sell signals in the form of bullish or bearish arrows.


  • DrawZigZag: True to draw zigzag.
  • ZigZag Lenght: This is the number of candles on which the ZigZag lines and trend lines are calculated.
  • Support/Resistance range(1 to 20,0=deactivate): The level of support and resistance is calculated according to this value. The signals are generated by the breaking of these levels. Recommended maximum value is 20.

The default values have been optimized for the EURUSD in the M15 Timeframe.

rainwalker123 2018.07.01 16:37 

I think, some traders dont know how to use such indicators. Used in the right way, Zig Zag, Semafor and so on, are the most profitable strategies.

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.22 03:41 

Just another colorful indicator with no effectiveness

Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.08.06 05:42 

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Versão 3.4 2018.07.25
Some changes that improve the performance of the indicator have been included.
Versão 3.3 2018.05.29
The support and resistance analysis has been included.
Some internal improvements have been made.
To simplify the indicator, the color variables have been eliminated.
Versão 3.2 2018.02.28
1. The "Bars to draw" option was removed and fixed by default at 5000 bars maximum.
2. The options "speed" and "Resistance / Support range" were eliminated, now they are calculated in relation to the variable "ZigZag Length"
Versão 3.0 2017.10.09
Internal changes have been made to improve the signals effectively.
Versão 2.0 2017.08.22
Whats new: The variable "Drawing bars" has been added to reduce memory consumption when working with large amounts of data. This allows you to insert the number of bars you want to draw and avoid the software's slowness.