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Past extremum EA

Past extremum EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor. It is designed for medium-term trading. It trades strong support and resistance levels. The EA analyzes the market levels and follows the large movements of supply and demand.

The EA features multi-currency trading. Basic EA settings are configured for trading EURUSD (M15, M30, H1), GBPUSD (M15, M30, H1). You can download the preset files in the Comments section.

The EA has been tested on tick quotes with 99.9% quality. The EA uses martingale and averaging.


  1. It is recommended to use a low spread ECN broker and a VPS.
  2. Use only five-digit accounts.
  3. Lower spread will improve results.


  • NameExpert - name of the EA in the order comments;
  • Magic - magic number;
  • UseRange1 - use the Range1 levels;
  • UseRange2 - use the Range2 levels;
  • UseRange3 - use the Range3 levels;
  • Lots - lot. If LotsPercent = False;
  • LotsPercent - use auto lot;
  • Percent - percentage of the deposit to calculate the lot size. If LotsPercent = True;
  • TakeProfitPoint - take profit;
  • TrailingStopPoint - trailing stop;
  • StopLossPoint - stop loss;
  • Range1 - lower levels;
  • Range2 - middle levels;
  • Range3 - higher levels;
  • TimeProcessing - time of the next algorithm iteration in seconds;
  • IndentPoint - indent from the level to determine it;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • UseSound - use sound signals;
  • SoundFileName - sound file name;
  • colorOpenBuy - buy order open color;
  • colorCloseBuy - buy order close color;
  • colorOpenSell - sell order open color;
  • colorCloseSell - sell order close color.
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